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Pistols - Switzerland

Hammerli 160

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The Hammerli 160 is a Swiss single-action, single-shot, target-shooting pistol. The Hammerli 160 ...

SIG P210

SIG P210 was developed by Sweizerishe Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG), Swiss, in 1938-1945, and was adopted by Swiss Military as Pistole 49 in 1949. P-210 was designed to replace venerable, but aging Lugers, adopted by Swiss Military as early as in 1900. According to requrements, new hangun had to b...

Sphinx 3000 / 3000 Tactical

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Sphinx pistols are made in Switzerland, by the Sphinx Systems Ltd company. The Sphinx 3000 pistols are direct descendants of the al...

Sphinx AT 2000 / AT 2000P

Sphinx pistols are made in Switzerland. The Sphinx AT 2000 pistols are based on the earlier ITM AT-84 and AT-88 pistols, which also were made in Switzerland. The earliest AT-84 pistols were plain licensed copies of the Czech CZ-75 pistol, manufactured during second half of the 1980s. The AT-88 in...


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