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Pistols - France

Le Francaise `Military`


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The Le Français pistol by Manufrance was produced from 1913 till 1969, in a variety of calibres. It was mainly sold in France, primarily t...

MAB Model D pistol

The MAB model D
is a pistol produced by MAB (Manufacture d`Armes de Bayonne) from 1933 to 1963 (.32 ACP) and 1982 (.380 ACP); it was inspired by the Belgian Browning FN pistol 1910/22.

It was developed with the smaller "MAB C", also made in .32 and .380 ACP, and with whi...


The MAB PA15 pistol had been developed by Manufacture d'Armes Automatiques de Bayonne (MAB), France, in the late 1970, and replaced the MAS mle. 1950 pistol as a standard sidearm of the French Army. The production of the MAB PA15 had been ceased in the late 1980s, and currenty it is being replace...

MAC mle. 1950

The MAC 50
(also known as MAC 1950, MAS 50 or PA modèle 1950) is a standard semi-automatic pistol of the French army and adopted in 1950. It replaced the previous series of French pistols, the Modèle 1935A & Modèle 1935S, and was produced between 1950 and 1970.

It was first made by MAC...

MAS Mle. 1935A / 1935S

The Modele (Mle.) 1935 pistol had been developed by Swiss designer Charles Petter for French company SACM around 1935, and in 1935 this pistol had been adopted by French military as Mle.1935. Initial production began in 1936, and due to low rate of production the pistol had been slightly redesign...


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