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Pistols - Russia/USSR

Makarov PM / PMM / Izh-71

The Makarov PM (Pistolet Makarova) evolved from the post-WW2 Soviet Army requirements for a new pistol, which should me more compact, more safe and with greater stopping power, compared to the than-standard Tokarev TT-33 pistol. First, soviet designers developed new cartridge, about as powerful a...


The MP-446 "Viking" pistol is a recent development of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (IzhMech, also known in the West by its trademark "Baikal"). The MP-446 "Viking" is a sporting derivative of the Yarygin PYa pistol, which has been adopted by Russian military in 2003. The key differences between M...


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The MSP silent pistol has been developed circa 1972 for various types clandestine operations (both military and intelligence), and is intended for concealed carry and stealth usage. It is completely silent, yet it does n...


PSM (Pistolet Samozaryadny Malogabaritny - Small Selfloading Pistol) was designed in 1970s as a self-defence firearm for top commanders of Army and Law Enforcement of the USSR. The gun was designed around the newly developed, small-bore cartridge, 5.45x18mm. This cardridge had bottlenecked case a...



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This gun was developed for the Soviet KGB in 1983, as "special operations" firearm - for self-defence or murder. The gun was built arount the special noiseles...

Stechkin APS


The development of the selective fire, large military pistols, intended for military personnel as a personal defense weapon, was started i...

Tokarev TT


The Tokarev TT ("Tula, Tokarev") pistol was developed as a result of continuous trials, held by the Red Army in the mid-...


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