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Pistols - CSSR/Czech Rep.

ALFA Combat


The ALFA Combat is a Czech-made semi-automatic pistol created for military, Law enforcement, and Sport shooting purposes. There are ...

ALFA Defender

The ALFA Defender is a Czech-made semi-automatic pistol created for military, Law enforcement, and Sport shooting purposes. There are two different series of Pistols made by ALFA, the Combat series and Defender Series.

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CZ 100 is an entrance into "polymer world" by CZ-UB.
Tecnically, CZ 100 is a recoil operated, locked breech firearm, that uses modified Browning linkless barrel to slide locking via ejection port. Gun is striker-fired, with DAO trigger and automated firing pin block safety. Gun had no manual sa...


The CZ 110 is a further development of the CZ 100 pistol, differing from it mostly in trigger design - while CZ100 is a DAO design, the CZ 110 is a conventional DA pistol, capable of firing either in double or single action modes.

CZ 110 is a recoil operated, locked breech pistol that feature...


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A simplified version of the model 24, doing away with the unecessary breech locking...


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A dangerous and clumsy weapon. The catch on the left side is for dismantling and will release the slide and barrel as a un...


The CZ39 was a Czech single-action, semi-automatic military pistol The CZ39 was produced in a calibre of 9 mm, took an 8-round magazine and had a 118 mm barrel


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Intended for the Czech Army but the calibre was considered too small and it was adop...


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As with the assault rifles (see vz.58), Czechoslovakians want to go by their own road with Warshaw pact. They developed th...


The CZ-75 pistol was developed by the Koucky brothers, who worked at the state-owned arms factory Ceska Zbrojovka in the city of Uhersky Brod (Czechoslovakia, now Czech republic). This full-size semiautomatic pistol first appeared in the 1975, and the production began circa 1976. CZ-75 was obviou...


The CZ83 is a Czech double-action pistol military produced in .380 ACP with a 12-round magazine and .32 ACP calibres with a 15-round magazine. A 9 mm Makarov version is the CZ82 pistol.


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The CZ92 is a Czech easily-concealed double-action only (DAO) semi-automatic pistol. It is chambered for the .25 Auto cartridge and takes an 8-round magazine.


The CZ-97B is a further development of the famous CZ-75 pistol. CZ-97B had been developed by Czeska Zbroevka - Uhersky Brod (CZ-UB) arms factory late in the 1990s especially for American market, where .45ACP is very popular. CZ-97B is mechanically identical to the CZ-75B, but has enlarged and sli...


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Developed in 1999 by Czhesh company Arms Moravia on request from Czhech Interior Affairs Minis...


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The CZ-TT pistol is made in Czech republic by CZ Strojirna s.r.o. company, located in the city of Strakonice. Thi...

Vz.82 / CZ-83

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The Vz.82 pistol is a standard sidearm of the Czech army ...


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