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Pistols - Hungary

FEG Model P9R Pistol (Pisztoly 9R Minta - PA 9RM)

An S&W Mod.59 influenced modernized version of the FP9 to improve sales potential. Double-action lockwork and a slide-mounted safety catch represent significant improvements. The safety catch lowers the hammer when applied, locks the firing pin, and places a solid block between the hammer and fir...


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P9M and FP9 pistols are made by Hungarian FEG company ...

Frommer `Stop`

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Frommer Liliput Model

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Making Frommer`s first move away from long recoil operation, this simple 6.35mm blowback was introduced in 1921. Made until ...

Frommer M1910

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The first Frommer design appeared in 1903 but achieved small success. It was entered for various military trials without success and was soon abandoned. The long...

Frommer M1929

Chambered for the 9mm Short cartridge, this pistol appeared in 1929 and was immediately adopted by the Hungarian army. This weapon has an internal bolt assembly which is fixed to the slide rather than having the bolt breach portion machined in the rear of the slide. In essence it is an enlarged L...

Frommer Pisztoly 37M. (M1937)

Appearing a year after his death, Frommer`s last design was an improved Model 1929 in 9mm Short chambering. It was adopted by the Hungarian army as the `37M.` The principal difference between the 1937 and 1929 patterns lies in the abandonment of pinned-in cocking grips at the rear of the slide in...


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