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Pistols - Italy

Arsenal Firearms AF2011-A1

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The AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol comes actually as the very first industrial double barrel semiautomatic pistol of all...

Beretta 81 / 82 / 84 / 85 / 86 / 87 / 89

New generation of the compact pistols from famous Italian company Pietro Beretta appeared in 1976, with introduction of the models 81, 82, 84 and, later, 85. These models were similar in appearance, major dimensions and design, and differed only in calibers and magazine capacities. Models 81 and ...

Beretta 9000S


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This is first polymer frame Beretta handgun ever made. Compact but very potent, this handguns looks pretty good for me, except for front sight blade that may ...

Beretta 92

The Beretta 92 pistols were developed by the italian company Armi Pietro Beretta Spa. Original pistol, Beretta 92, entered production in 1976 and was based on early Beretta pistol, model 1951. Model 92 was adopted by Italian army and also manufactured under licence in Egypt. Later, the model 92 b...

Beretta 93R

Beretta 93R automatic (or machine) pistol has been in development during the second half of the 1970s, and first appeared circa 1977. The index 93 stands for "9mm, 3rd model", and the suffix "R" means "Raffica" - burst[-firing] in Italian language. This special purpose sidearm was intended for po...

Beretta Centurion Models

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The Beretta Centurion is an Italian pistol based upon the Beretta Model 92 and Beretta Model 96, depending...

Beretta Cougar 8000 Series

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Beretta 8000 series handguns are locked-breech, recoil operated fire...

Beretta M951 / M951R

The Beretta M 1951 pistol, also known as M951, had been developed as a military pistol early in 1950s by Pietro Beretta Armi SpA, Italy, and had been in use by Italian, Egyptian and Israeli forces. The production of the M951 started circa 1953 and continued until 1980, when M951 had been replaced...

Beretta Model 1915

The Beretta 1915 was an Italian pistol produced from 1915 to 1945 in 9 mm Glisenti and 7.65 mm ACP calibres. It had a 7 round magazine and was issued to both the police and the military.

Beretta Model 1915/19

The Beretta 1915/19 was an Italian pistol based on the Beretta 1915 but with two thirds of the slide cut away, a simpler safety catch and sheet metal grip plates instead of wood. It was manufactured for the 9 mm Glisenti cartridge only.

Beretta Model 1931

The Beretta 1931 was an Italian pistol used mainly by the Italian Navy from 1931 to 1945 based upon the Beretta 1915. It took the 7.65 mm ACP cartridge from an 8 round capacity magazine and had wooden butt plates and an external hammer.

Beretta Model 21 (Bobcat)

The Beretta Model 21 Bobcat is a tiny Italian double-action blow-back operated semi-automatic pistol available in either .22 Long Rifle or .25 ACP calibres, and takes a 7 or 8 round magazine respectively.

Beretta model 76

The Beretta Model 76 is an Italian single-action .22 Long Rifle calibre target-shooting pistol. The Beretta Model 76 takes a 10-round magazine and features adjustable sights.

Beretta Model 950 (Jetfire)

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The Beretta Model 950 (Jetfire) is a small blowback operated, single-action, semi-automatic pistol chambered for the .25 ACP cart...

Beretta Px4 Storm

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The Beretta Px4 Storm is a semi-automatic pistol manufactured...

Beretta Px4 Storm Compact

The Px4 Storm Compact
is sized between the Full Size and the Subcompact models. It adopts the rotating barrel design of the full size pistols, but with a shorter and proportioned slide and grip. This model also introduces an ambidextrous slide stop lever. A high magazine capacity is maint...

Beretta Px4 Storm Subcompact

Beretta`s Px4 Storm Sub-Compact
is built around modular technology, delivering concealed carry handling with large frame firepower.

In many quarters of law enforcement and the law-abiding armed citizenry that old stand-by concealed carry gun, the snub-nosed .38 revolver, is being repla...

Bernardelli Mod. USA

The Bernardelli Model USA (Bernardelli Model 60) is an Italian single-action service and target-shooting pistol. It was first produced in 1968 for the American market. It is available chambered for the 7.65 mm ACP, .32 ACP and .22 Long Rifle cartridge and takes a 10- or 7-round magazine

Bernardelli Model 69

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The Bernardelli Model 69 is an Italian single-action target-shooting pistol. The
Bernardelli Model 69 is chambered for t...

Bernardelli P-018


The Bernardelli P-018 pistol appeared on the market in the mid-1980s, as a police and civilian side-arm. The 9mm version was intended mostly for the p...

Glisenti FAB

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Tanfoglio Force / Force 99

Tanfoglio pistols are manufactured by Fratelli Tanfoglio SpA. company, Italy. Basically, Force and Force 99 models are polymer frame versions of the Tanfoglio T95 Combat models, that, in turn, are clones of the famous CZ-75 design. The Force model was introduced in 1997, while the Force 99 model ...

Tanfoglio T95

Tanfoglio pistols are manufactured by Fratelli Tanfoglio SpA. company, Italy. Basically, all standart, combat and compact models are all-steel clones of the famous CZ-75 design.

All Tanfoglio Standart and Combat pistols (also known as T95-series) are blowback operated, locked breech semi-auto...


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