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Pistols - Ukraine

Fort 12

The Fort 12 pistol is an attempt of the Ukraine to develop its own police pistol to replace Soviet era, aging Makarov PM pistols. To accomplish this task, Ukraine purchased Chech machinery from CZ-Uhersky Brod factory, and developed the Fort pistol. Currently, this gun is issued to the Ukraine po...

Fort 14

The Fort 14 pistol has been developed by the 2003 at the state-owned FORT factory for Ukrainian security and police forces. In attempt to produce more powerful weapon, than the earlier 9x18mm PM Fort 12 pistol, the Fort 14 has been initially designed for the more powerful 9x19 Luger / Parabellum ...

Fort 17

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Fort 17 pistol is the latest development of the Ukrainian state-owned FORT factory. Basically, it is a polymer-framed modific...

Shevchenko PSh-4

The most intriguing small arms “producer” in Ukraine was the KB-ST (Design Bureau for Special Techniques). This highly controversial organization was established in 1993 and during the late nineties announced a series of a “revolutionary” small arms designs, such as sub-machine guns and sn...


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