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SIG P210

SIG P-210, manufactured for Danish military

Other Pictures:
SIG P-210 "sporter" in .22LR, sometimes referred as P-210-7

Exploded view of the P-210

SIG P210 was developed by Sweizerishe Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG), Swiss, in 1938-1945, and was adopted by Swiss Military as Pistole 49 in 1949. P-210 was designed to replace venerable, but aging Lugers, adopted by Swiss Military as early as in 1900. According to requrements, new hangun had to be chambered in 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum, instead of old 7.65mm Parabellum. Swiss tried numerous designs, including HI-Powers and French MABs and Pettiers, but weren`t satisfied with accuracy and/or reliability of tested guns.
Finally, in 1947, SIG came in with it`s design, adopted as "pistole 49" by Swiss military. Later, this gun (with minor, mostly cosmetic, modifications) also was adopted by Bundesgrenzpolizei (Border Patrol) of the FR Germany, and by Danish Military. For civilian sales, this gun was named P210.
Within Swiss military, the P210 was replaced by "Pistole 75" A.K.A. SIG-Sauer P220, in 1975, but it is still in service in Dennmark and very popular as target gun in Europe.
Technically, P210 is a recoil-operated, locked breech handgun with slightly modified Browning HI-Power style barrel locking. It has single action trigger and single column magazine. Both frame and slide are made from steel. Frame has external rails, and overall, gun is made with very tight tolerances.
P210 has frame mounted safety and slide stop.
There were some models, with different finishes, sights and barrel lenghts (all models could be converted between 7.65mm and 9mm with change the barrel, and to .22LR - with installing of the new barrrel, slide, recoil spring and magazine). P210-1 had polished blued finish and wooden grips. P210-2 had matte finish and plasic grips, and is similar to "pistole 49". P210-4 was manufactured for German Border Patrol, while P210-5 and P210-6 were "target" guns, with micrometer ajustable rear sights. P210-5 had 150mm barrel, while P210-6 had 120mm barrel.
Finally, i must say that P210 is one of the most accurate "right out of the box" military handguns ever. 50mm (2in) or smaller groups at 25 meters (ca. 30 yards) are standart for P210. Also, it is extremely reliable, and, finally, wery pricey gun (original Danish Contract Pistole 49 may cost you more than US $ 2.000. Prices lower than US $ 1.500 for P210 in good state are extremely rare, indeed!)
Last note: According to the SIGARMS web-site, they going to start manufacturing again this very venerable pistol.


SIG Arms

Single Action

9x19mm Luger/Parabellum, 7.65x19mm Parabellum, .22LR (all interchangeable)

(Unloaded) 900 g

215 mm

120 mm (150 mm in P-210-7)

6 Grooves, rh

Magazine Capacity:
8 rounds


SIG badge, Model Number (eg P-210-s) and serial number on right side of slide.

Manual Safety Catch left side, behind trigger. UP for safe.

Magazine catch at heel of butt. Remove magazine; pull back slide to eject any round in the chamber; inspect chamber through ejection port, release slide, pull trigger.


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