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Vector SP1 / SP2

Vector SP1

Vectror`s SP1 and SP2 are similar in design, the only differences are in caliber and magazine capacity. Moreover, SP2 could be converted into 9mm modification with installation of new 9mm barrel, recoil spring and magazine. Both guns are blowback-operated, locked breech designs with falling block locking mechanism, inherited from Vector Z88 pistol, which, in turn, is a clone of the famous Beretta 92 handgun.
Features of the SP1 and SP2 are - barrels with polygonal rifling for improved accuracy and barrel life; ambidextrous manual safety mounted on the frame; automatic firing pin safety.
Both guns are quite heavy, despite the fact that they have alluminium alloy frames, but the heavy weight could improve manageability of the pistols in the rapid fire, so it should not be considered as a major drawback.


Double Action

9 x 19 mm Luger (SP1), .40SW (SP2)

(Unloaded) 995 g

210 mm

118 mm

Magazine Capacity:
11 rounds (.40SW), 15 rounds (9mm)


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