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Serbu ROF

Serbu ROF

Other Pictures:
ROF Dismantled into major parts

(FILM) ROF, Full auto (.mpeg)

The ROF has a fairly standard open-bolt type of action, and was designed and built primarily as an exercise in building a complete gun, mostly from scratch. The only parts which were bought and left unmodified are the flash hider and the pistol grip. Those parts, as well as the trigger, safety and barrel blank, are from an AR-15. Virtually everything else, including the springs, was fabricated. The upper receiver is made from 1.375 OD, .058 wall 4130 DOM tubing. The bolt is made of 8620 which is case hardened to Rc 55-57, with a case depth of .015. The lower receiver is a weldment made from a combination of bent-up mild sheet steel and machined 1018 steel. The barrel was made from a section of AR-15 9mm barrel, though any 9mm blank would have worked just as well. The main recoil spring was wound from .041 diameter music wire. The most unique feature of the ROF is the magazine well arrangement. The vertical line just forward of the trigger guard is where the magazine well may be separated from the rest of the lower receiver. The bolt was designed to accommodate a range of cartridges and magazines; the mag well seen in the picture allows the ROF to use British Sten magazines. The next magazine well to be made will accept a PPS-43 mag, which holds 7.26x25mm ammo. Obviously, a barrel change is required to complete the conversion. So what does "ROF" stand for? Rate Of Fire. There`s an implied "High" in front of ROF. The idea is that this gun was designed for a high rate of fire. At this it does okay; it fires 9mm ammo at around 1200 rounds per minute. As of when these pictures were taken, the ROF has had over 3,000 rounds of ammo fired through it. Since the ROF was built after May 19, 1986, it`s considered to be a "post-`86" dealer sample machine gun which can only be bought by licensed manufacturers, dealers, government entities or law enforcement. Needless to say, there isn`t really enough of a market to warrant making the ROF a production gun.

(Machine) Pistol

SERBU FIREARMS, INC. 6001 Johns Road, Suite 144, Tampa, FL 33634

9 mm parabellum

Rate of fire:
1200 RPM

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