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Tomiska Little Tom

A Alois Tomiska produced pistol chambered for 6.35mm.

These pistols were manufactured by Wiener Waffen Fabrik of Vienna Austria and also by Alois Tomiska of Pilsen Czechoslovakia. On the pistols themselves these cities may alternatively be spelled Wien and Plzen Czecho Slowakia.

The grips are typically marked either with WWF or AT and may even say Little Tom. Several different styles of markings may also be seen on the slide. The slide legend usually at least includes the words Patent Little Tom and the caliber designation. Many examples are also marked Made in Austria.

A wide variety of Little Tom`s exist, including long barrel examples and pistols with no safety catch.

Wiener Waffen Fabrik or Alois Tomiska of Pilsen Czechoslovakia.

.25, .32, 6.35mm, and 7.65mm


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