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Pistols - Brazil

Imbel M973 / MD1

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The Imbel M973 is a Brazilian copy of the Colt M1911 pistol made by Industria de Material Bélico do Brasil (Imbel), produced in .45 ACP ca...

Taurus PT 92 / PT 99 / PT 100 / PT 101

Apart from PT92 itself, Taurus makes some derivatives of its basic model:

PT 92 C - compact model, with shortened grip, slide and barrel. Accepts standard PT92 magazines.
PT 99 - similar for PT 92 except that the rear sights are micrometer click ajustable.
PT 100 - similar to PT 92 but cham...

Taurus PT945

PT945 is a large-frame .45ACP handgun from Taurus. It is recoil operated, locked breech firearm, with double-action trigger, manual safety that works also as a decocker, with firing pin block automatic safety and loaded chamber indicator


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