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Nazarian´s Gun´s Recognition Guide
is Happy to announce - That this Autumn, we will work with UZKON ARMS & SECURITY LTD (Turkey), To help promote Their line of Guns. So do look forward to the longer colder Nights, as we will add every single Uzkon Weapon to our site. Hopefully they will send us some toys to examine in a video as well. Time will show. But one thing is for sure, turkish Prime weapons will be our showcase this fall.



Happy New Year

Kuumba/Creativity: Day Six of Kwanzaa
To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.



Nia/Purpose: Day Five of Kwanzaa
To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

Submachine Guns
Added HAFDASA C-4 (Video at Bottom)
Added HAFDASA Z-4 (Video at Bottom)

Guns of Infamy
Updated Adolf Hitler`s Lilliput Model 1. (Documentary at Bottom)
Updated Adolf Hitler`s PP (Documentary at Bottom)



Ujamaa/Cooperative Economics: Day Four of Kwanzaa
To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together.

Submachine Guns
Minor Update Blyskawica (Video at Bottom)
Added Pistolet maszynowy wz.39 Mors (Video at Bottom)
Added CETME C2 / CB64



Ujima/Collective Work and Responsibility: Day Three of Kwanzaa
To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers` and sisters` problems our problems, and to solve them together.

Submachine Guns
Added BSM/9 M1
Updated / Renamed Milkor BXP (Video at Bottom)



Kujichagulia/Self-Determination: Day Two of Kwanzaa
To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves.

The general Submachine Guns Category is receiving a little TLC. for the time being.
As You will Notice. Some of these Guns are Old` as Fuck. For instance Some of the newly added weapons are from the Kingdom of Italy aka. Pre Second World War, as Italy than became a Republic.
Hence It is not always a breeze to Find Good Video`s for These Guns. However if You! Find video`s and want to share it with us. Please contact us at

Updated Submachine Guns (Documentary/Updated Text)

Submachine Guns
Added ARES FMG (Video at Bottom)
Updated / Renamed Arsenal Shipka (Video at Bottom)
Added Arsenal M23
Added Austen MK I (Video at Bottom)
Added Benelli CB M2
Added Beretta M1918 (Video at Bottom)
Added OVP
Added Beretta M3
Added MAB 38A (Video at Bottom)
Added MAB 38/42 (Video at Bottom)
Added MAB 38/43 (Video at Bottom)
Added MAB 38/44 (Video at Bottom)
Added TZ-45 (Video at Bottom)



Umoja/Unity: Day One of Kwanzaa
Umoja, Swahili for "unity," is the principle celebrated on the first day.

Submachine Guns
Added Alpha GPI
Updated / Moved / Renamed / separated Škorpion vz. 61 (Video at Bottom)
Updated / Moved / Renamed / separated M84 (Video at Bottom)
Added American-180 / SAR 180/275 (Manual, Video at Bottom)
Added Mendoza HM-3 (Video at Bottom)



Welcome to X-MAS DAY.

Now.. Typically X-MAS Eve is the day we Norwegian celebrate with Food and Gifts. Thous today is day of rest and thoughts. But as a big majority of the world open presents today rather than last night, so ofcourse we will observe this day as well.

Submachine Guns
Added ZK-383 (Video at Bottom)
Added ZK-383-P (Video at Bottom)
Added ZK-383-H (Video at Bottom)

And Tomorrow it is the First Day of Kwanzaa for all our African Brothers.
We will observe Kwanzaa thru the first 6 stages.
The Umoja, the Kujichagulia, the Ujima, the Ujamaa, the Nia and the Kuumba.
But the last stage The Imani: To believe with all our hearts in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle. We consider this Your private struggle and something that every observer should strive to do privately. Thous We will only follow the first 6 days til` the 31 Dec.

Espen Pedersen is still going strong in Public media.
For those who Does not know who Eskil Pedersen is,
he was one of the Main Targets of Anders Behring Breivik at the Utøya Shooting.

"Eskil Pedersen (born 6 March 1984 in Skien) is a Norwegian politician
and leader of the Workers` Youth League (AUF),
the youth organisation associated with Norway`s leading Labour Party."

He is also an open Homosexual and Gay Right activist. But to be Fair, that is of no concern.

- Idiots comes in all colors and Sexual preferences.

Mr. Pedersen Statet in the media just recent -

Pedersen believes it is high time that the new Act comes into place .

- It takes too long . The fact that the government gives so clear signal
about what time the law comes,
may even lead to the Act vanishing into the blue.
It would be unfortunate, says AUF leader.

Require action -
Pedersen is impatient.
Semi-automatic rifles of the same type as Anders Behring Breivik used on Utøya,
and is currently permitted for use in hunting and target shooting in Norway.

AUF leader says he hopes the law will contain a ban on all semi-automatic weapons.

- We must take the recommendations that have come from 22 July Commission seriously.
This we have done in many other areas when it comes to preparedness.
They we must also take seriously when it comes to guns, says Pedersen.

- Semi-automatic weapons are used during several tragedies,
that we need to take seriously, says Pedersen.

NGRG - Replies.

- Norwegians have a 1000+ years tradition of carrying weapons,
not only for hunting and recreation.
But also for Defense of our sovereignty and elected Democracy.
(This includes Mr. Pedersen)

- We have have had an average of 1-2 Gun related Crimes in Norway - Per year - From 1945 - 1980`s
Not before the Social experiment of opening our borders to mass migration,
did our weapons related crime explode (Mass migration is a major political program of AUF/AP).
Considering this,
for the majority of these years, Fully automatic weapons where also legal.
But still we had almost no Crime.
Now we clearly reap the harvest of this failed political Program (Mass culturalism).

- Today`s reading (Newspapers) Flourish with Gun related Crime,
for the most part in and around Different drug og Ethnic related milieu.
The one Goes hand in Hand with the other.
Speaking of Ethnic Milieu in this case "Does not imply only 3rd World immigrant",
but also eastern European Ethincs.

- We the Ethnic People of Norway,
have allowed this experiment by kindness and will to help those in need and fear.
The Hope has been that these would conform to our way of life and become
integrated into our way of life.
So that these would also be eager to defend this great country and our Democracy.
That is clearly Not the Case.
Mr. Pedersen need not see further than to Russia and their Gay Rights, and consider
how well of he would be there.

- I would like to use some time to explain a little about Mr. Pedersen as a person.

On 22 July, the day of the 2011 Norway attacks,
Eskil Pedersen was present at the annual AUF summer camp on Utøya.
As leader of the organization he was one of the assailant,
Anders Behring Breivik`s, stated targets,
along with former prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland,
who was there that day but had left the island before the killer arrived.
Breivik would later state that he had studied Pedersen`s physical appearance
and facial attributes to be able to recognize him during the attack.

Very soon after the shooting erupted, Pedersen, along with his political aide,
sought refuge on the ferry MS Thorbjørn,
and along with seven other people decided to make their escape from the island.
Pedersen later stated that while being at the Hønefoss police headquarters
he feared a coup d`etat had taken place,
and that he could not trust any member of the police.
In an interview with TV2 he stated: "I thought the entire country
was under attack […] if we docked anywhere we would be killed."

M/S Thorbjørn controversy

There has been widespread speculation in forums and independent blogs
about the conduct on the ferry,
but most professional media outlets have been cautious in their coverage
of the events on the MS Thorbjørn.
A news website, Nettavisen, published a story raising questions
about the conduct a day after the massacre,
but received fierce reactions from other members of the press as well as the AUF itself.

More recently Adrian Pracon,
a survivor and employee of AUF who himself was wounded wrote of his reaction
to seeing the ferry leave in a book describing his ordeal.
One section describes his disbelief and disappointment of seeing M/S Thorbjørn
head away from the island, depriving him of hope of escape.

Another survivor of the massacre, 20-year old Bjørn Ihler from Oslo
said of Pedersen in an interview with the BBC:
"This was the leader of the group, it was as if the Captain abandoned his ship".

Pedersen defended his actions in the same programme,
stating: "I think I acted normally given the situation. I acted according to instinct.
I did what I was told and boarded the boat"
and countered "I have been criticized for my actions,
and for my views on the multicultural society by people who support the gunman`s views".

The controversy flared up again in September 2012 due to comments by Brynjar Meling.
Meling is a high-profile lawyer in the case and his office represents
a few dozen of the affected, both AUF-members and relatives of the deceased.
He claimed some of his clients questioned Pedersen`s leadership of the
organization but felt unable to communicate this publicly.
Furthermore, Meling claimed that his clients felt that Pedersen`s
actions during the massacre should have consequences for his future career,
and that they were frustrated by the AUF leadership`s insistence
that the organization as a whole was united behind Pedersen.

The comments immediately caused a fiery reaction from the AUF as well as the Labour party.
Secretary-General of the Labour Party Raymond Johansen responded to Meling saying he felt
"nauseated and furious" at him, other politicians used more profane expressions.
Meling responded by accusing the Johansen and the Labour party of attempting
to stifle the debate as well as depriving the survivors of the opportunity
to ask critical questions. Leaders of rival parties subsequently defended Pedersen,
calling the criticism "tasteless".
A former senior member of the Labour party and AUF who lost her younger sister
in the massacre, described how she was prevented from raising questions within
the party regarding the incident. She claimed that:
"MS Thorbjørn and Eskil Pedersen were not to be discussed, it was completely taboo".
She since left the party altogether in protest.

- Mr. Pedersen Left Utøya at the First shoots in the armoured Landing Craft.
"Before the vessel was converted into a civilian passenger ferry,
it was a military landing craft of the L-50-type". made to withstand .50 (12.7) calibre.
ABB used 9mm and .223

- Even Wen in safty, with children from the age of 12-up,
swimming desperate in the Cold bloodred water, screaming for help.
cruising along in a Military landing craft, even capable of traversing with the
landing door open "as to scoop up" survivours, not having to risk anything to help survivours.
Mr. Pedersen evaded like a coward.

- NGRG Find it appalling that this Person is allowed a voice in norwegian Politics.
And that he is allowed to advocate against his would be defenders.

- I the author of NGRG disagree on a wholeheartedly basis to
everything Mr. Pedersens stand for, be it lifestyle or politics.
But i Still defend his right to be whatever he wants.
But when it comes to this agenda, we have to speak up



Welcome to X-MAS EVE / Aðfangadagur.

Today is Dedicated to Mikhail Kalasjnikov, who passed away yesterday.
Today we will focus on Mr. Kalasjnikov`s Many Guns.
I`am Sure Kalasjnikov would want us all to be happy and celebrate this Holy day.

Do Check in a couple of times today, as this day will be a working progress in-between making and eating Pinnekjøtt (recipe for this dish was mentioned the 10th of dec. scroll down to see recipe if interested) and opening presents :P so i will edit in some here, and there - as the day progress.

Automatic Rifles
Added FEG AK-63F (Video at Bottom)
Added FEG AK-63D (Video at Bottom)
Added FEG AK-63MF (Video at Bottom)
Added FEG SA-85M (Video at Bottom)
Added AKM (Video at Bottom)
Added AKMSU (Video at Bottom)

Added CIA HG2137N Mini Draco Pistol (Video at Bottom)
Added CIA HG2159N Draco Pistol (Manual, Video at Bottom)
Added CIA Draco Champion Pistol (Manual, Video at Bottom)
Added CIA HG1916N Draco "C" Pistol (Manual, Video at Bottom)
Added Century Arms Yugo PAP M92PV (Draco) (Video at Bottom)
Added Century Arms Yugo PAP M85PV (Draco) (Video at Bottom)
Added Arsenal SAM7K (Draco) (Video at Bottom)
Added Arsenal SLR-106U/UR (Draco) (Video at Bottom)


(LAS VEGAS) – After nearly a decade since its initial introduction into the firearms marketplace, the SLR-106 series is getting a change in to “Collector`s Item.” Production on the series officially ended. The SLR-106 rifle and pistol series was Arsenal`s answer to the 5.56 caliber as the company looked to compete in that arena. The years to follow brought much success with several variations and configurations, robust sales and recognition as one of the industry`s best -- due in-part to its chrome-lined and hammer-forged barrel.

“In my opinion, the SLR-106 series of rifles, perfectly bridge the gap from east to west. Furthermore, the advancements made in the manufacturing this rifle series will be seen on future models by our company for years to come.” – Walker English, Sales Director, Arsenal, Inc.

A comprehensive audit of the current offerings in the firearms industry, recent trends and near-future shifts with regard to technology and advancement all factored into the decision to discontinue the series. Arsenal`s obligations with military and government contracts, production for the movie industry and commitments to distributors and dealers also shaped this decision. The current stock of SLR-106 5.56 caliber rifles and pistols will continue to be sold until supply runs out. Additional SLR-106 products can be found by checking with Arsenal`s distributors and various dealers nationwide.

Tomorrow we will be back and continue on to the 31st December..



OBS: EXTRA BULLETIN: Mikhail Kalasjnikov is Dead.

Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov (Russian: Михаил Тимофеевич Калашников; 10 November 1919 – 23 December 2013) was a Russian small arms designer, most famous for developing the AK-47, AKM, and AK-74 assault rifles.

Kalasjnikov Passed Away Today (December 23), after Some time of illness and was currently being treated at Izjevsk west of the Ural. He silently passed away Today at the age of 94.

NGRG Sends our Deepest Regards to Mr. Kalasjnikov`s Family.

Welcome to Festivus / the Twenty-third Day of Advent.

Today is a sad day, Mikhail Kalasjnikov passed away today. And that on the eve of the most happiest day of all. Maybe that was Fate and Mr. Kalasjnikov wanted the world to be Happy and in good mood rather than sad?. our planned FPSRussia Special will have to Wait. For Tomorow will be all about Kalasjnikov AK`s.

It is however befitting Festivus Tradition that such an event should accor, so that one can really take in over oneself "the pressures and commercialism of the Christmas holiday season" and how wrong that is. Have an Mediocre Festivus..

The announced FPSRussia Special is Postponed.

But we will be back with This Special at a later time.

Submachine Guns
Added Borz (Video at Bottom)

Tomorrow we will do an AK Special, in Honour of The Passing of Mikhail Kalasjnikov. The Father of Russia`s Modern Guns..



Welcome to the Twenty-second Day of Advent.

Ho Ho Ho.. A Short trip to Denmark and a very certain Fail, not quite realized by the manufacturer before way to late. However, a very interesting subject for "julebordet", Julebord is a Norwegian feast or banquet in the days before Christmas, were drinking heavy is a staple tradition. thous of course many interesting discussion may surface with liquid gusto.

Submachine Guns
Added Lettet Forsøgs-maskinpistol

Enjoy and do look forward for the 24th Special Bonus..



Welcome to the Twenty-first Day of Advent.

Ho Ho Ho.. Today we are Taking a Short trip to Turkey to visit the Akdal MKA 1919 Shotgun. it is an AR style 12 Gauge for you to enjoy.

Added Akdal MKA 1919 (Video at bottom)

And to Cite My colleagues at FPSRussia "Have Nice day"..



Welcome to the Twentieth Day of Advent.

Ho Ho Ho.. A Short trip to Finland, Before the Big day. I`am sure you as me, is really looking forward to My special day. Sadly Jesus stole it as his Birthday. So were gonna honor that as well. nomatter how you feel about the day. :P

Submachine Guns
Added Jatimatic (Video at bottom)

Come Back tomorrow for more..



Welcome to the Nineteenth Day of Advent.

Ho Ho Ho.. Today we bring you a rare rifle from Hellenic Army

Automatic Rifle
Added Chropi rifle

Please stay tuned..

Ps: as i`am sure you can see, santa is kinda busy preparing for x-mas these days, so these last day will be a bit short. but as promised everyday a new treat for you :)



Welcome to the Eighteenth Day of Advent.

Ho Ho Ho.. Today we are gonna visit the Chechen War, a real bloody-mess of a War.

Added The Life and Times of Khattab (Chechen War Documentary)

Do Come back Tomorrow..



Welcome to the Seventeenth Day of Advent.

Ho Ho Ho.. Today we are Visiting some of the world Finest Warriors around the Globe, we are talking about Special Operation Forces. Do enjoy.

Added Black Ops & US. Special Forces (S.O.F Documentary)
Added British Special Forces SAS Documentary - Operation Barras (S.O.F Documentary)
Added Global Warfighters: World of Special Forces Documentary (S.O.F Documentary)
Added Special Forces Malaysia Commando GGK (S.O.F Documentary)
Added Spetsnaz the russian S.A.S. parts 1&2 (S.O.F Documentary)

As Allways, I hope you enjoy. Tomorrow we continue with more snack`s. Stay Tuned..



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over the counter asthma inhalers
Welcome to the Sixteenth Day of Advent.

Today we follow up with the Gulf Wars.

Added 20th Century Battlefields - Gulf War (1991) (First Gulf War Documentary)
Added Desert Storm - The Ground Assault (First Gulf War Documentary)
Added Operation Desert Storm: "Winds of the Storm" 1993 (First Gulf War Documentary)
Added The Gulf War - The Soldiers` Tale - Complete Trilogy (First Gulf War Documentary)

Do come back Tomorrow for your daily Fix..



Welcome to the Fifthteenth Day of Advent.

Today we are gonna rip the scab of Europas freshest Wound. The Bosnian War. The wound have barely had time to scab up. let`s hope it will heal.

Added BBC - War In Mostar Bosnia (Bosnian War Documentary)
Added BBC: Inside Story: Dogs of War (Bosnian PMC Documentary)
Added Sworn to Secrecy: Secrets of War- The Balkans Tinderbox (Bosnian War Documentary)
Added The Defense Of Bosnia (Bosnian War Documentary)
Added YUGOSLAV WARS 1991 - 1999 (Bosnian War Documentary)

Tomorrow we will have more Documentaries for you to enjoy, see you than..



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Welcome to the Fourteenth Day of Advent.

Today`s Update is About the Korean War. Hope you enjoy.

Added Story of Korean War in Colour (Korean War Documentary)
Added Unforgettable: The Korean War (Korean War Documentary)

Do come back for More Fresh material tomorrow..


13.12.2013 (ACAB)

Welcome to the ACAB Day / Thirteenth Day of Advent.

Happy ACAB day.. Today Special will be on Law Enforcement around the world.. Our special Holiday Wishes goes out to Both Angels and Devils around the Globe. It does not matter if you are Good or Bad, X-mas is for Everyone. So let`s enjoy the Happy season

Added The History Of The Military Police Corps (US) (Military Police Documentary)
Added The Last Mission: Establishing the Rule of Law in Iraq (Military Police Documentary)

Make Sure to come back tomorrow for more Fun with Gun..



Welcome to the twelfth Day of Advent.

Ho Ho Ho.. Today we will continue with our
Documentary section. Santa Hope that you have found many good treats, and are enjoying yourself.

Added Battlefield Vietnam - Part 01: Dien Bien Phu The Legacy (Vietnam War Documentary)
Added Battlefield Vietnam - Part 02: The Undeclared War (Vietnam War Documentary)
Added Battlefield Vietnam - Part 03: Search And Destroy (Vietnam War Documentary)
Added Battlefield Vietnam - Part 04: Showdown in the Iron Triangle (Vietnam War Documentary)
Added Battlefield Vietnam - Part 05: Countdown to Tet (Vietnam War Documentary)
Added Battlefield Vietnam - Part 06: The Tet Offensive (Vietnam War Documentary)
Added Battlefield Vietnam - Part 07: War on the DMZ (Vietnam War Documentary)
Added Battlefield Vietnam - Part 08: Siege at Khe Sanh (Vietnam War Documentary)
Added Battlefield Vietnam - Part 09: Air War Vietnam (Vietnam War Documentary)
Added Battlefield Vietnam - Part 10: Rolling Thunder (Vietnam War Documentary)
Added Battlefield Vietnam - Part 11: "Peace With Honor" (Vietnam War Documentary)
Added Battlefield Vietnam - Part 12: The Fall of Saigon (Vietnam War Documentary)
Added The Vietnam War 1964-1976 (Vietnam War Documentary)

Hope to see you again tomorrow for more treats for you..



Welcome to the Eleventh Day of Advent.

Welcome Back.. Todays Focus will be on WWII Documentaries.

Added World War II From Space (WWII Documentary)
Added World War Two: Battle of the Bulge - Panzer Attack (WWII Documentary)
Added World War Two: Fall of Singapore 1941 (WWII Documentary)
Added World War Two: Operation Market Garden 1944 (WWII Documentary)
Added World War Two: Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire 1937-1947 (WWII Documentary)
Added World War Two: Soviet Union 1943 (WWII Documentary)
Added World War Two: Tank Battles of Normandy 1944 (WWII Documentary)
Added World War Two: Tank Battles of Stalingrad 1942 (WWII Documentary)
Added World War Two: The Fall of Western Europe 1940 (WWII Documentary)
Added World War Two: The Scandinavia Front (WWII Documentary)
Added World War Two: Uboat War in the Atlantic 1940 - 1943 (WWII Documentary)

Updated Disclaimer:
"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

Do come Back Tomorrow.



Welcome to the Tenth Day of Advent.

Ho Ho Ho.. i`am tempted to write "Ha Ha Ha".. here. This due to the title of one of our Documentary.
Namely the Swedish one named "War for Peace".
It`s kinda like "Smoking for cancer" or "Fucking for Aids".
Anyways we are not the one to judge, the Docu. is mighty fine, and our brothers across the border
certainly know their art of warfare.

Nevertheless -
Nazarian Claus is Happy to see so many new users around the globe. Now that the Site i regularly maintained (after the long hiatus).
there is a landslide of new users. Santa`s wish is - to regain the former glory of this webpage as the number one resource place to go regarding firearms.
If you want to be one of Santa`s little helpers and help spread the word. It would make santa very happy. and who knows, maybe something extra special
under the tree for you this year. (and also, it will help keeping this site regularly maintained).

Recomandation: Jeremy Clarkson: War Stories. I cannot recommend these enough, they are absolutely Breathtaking.
The way he can make you interested in a Nissan Micra, add weapons and multiply by 100.

Added Afganistan 1/8 (Finnish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added Afganistan 2/8 (Finnish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added Afganistan 3/8 (Finnish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added Afganistan 4/8 (Finnish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added Afganistan 5/8 (Finnish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added Afganistan 6/8 (Finnish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added Afganistan 7/8 (Finnish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added Afganistan 8/8 (Finnish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added Camp Victory Afghanistan - U.S/ANA Military (US Documentary)
Added Pirate Hunt 1/6 (Danish Counter-Piracy Documentary)
Added Pirate Hunt 2/6 (Danish Counter-Piracy Documentary)
Added Pirate Hunt 3/6 (Danish Counter-Piracy Documentary)
Added Pirate Hunt 4/6 (Danish Counter-Piracy Documentary)
Added Pirate Hunt 5/6 (Danish Counter-Piracy Documentary)
Added Pirate Hunt 6/6 (Danish Counter-Piracy Documentary)
Added The Alpha Diaries (IDF Documentary)
Added The Price of War 1/6 (Norwegian Afghanistan Documentary)
Added The Price of War 2/6 (Norwegian Afghanistan Documentary)
Added The Price of War 3/6 (Norwegian Afghanistan Documentary)
Added The Price of War 4/6 (Norwegian Afghanistan Documentary)
Added The Price of War 5/6 (Norwegian Afghanistan Documentary)
Added The Price of War 6/6 (Norwegian Afghanistan Documentary)
Added War for Peace 1/6 (Swedish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added War for Peace 2/6 (Swedish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added War for Peace 3/6 (Swedish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added War for Peace 4/6 (Swedish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added War for Peace 5/6 (Swedish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added War for Peace 6/6 (Swedish Afghanistan Documentary)
Added The Gurkhas (British Army Documentary)
Added Jeremy Clarkson: War Stories: The GREATEST Raid Of All (Documentary)
Added Jeremy Clarkson: War Stories: The Victoria Cross - For VALOUR (Documentary)

Soon x-mas eve is on top of Us
and since we have a lot of American readers with Norwegian ancestry,
i want to use some time to educate those (and anyone else for that matter) who would like to eat the same as Nazarian claus for dinner this X-mas.
Santa eat "Pinnekjøtt", Pinnekjøtt is a main course dinner dish of lamb or mutton.
I mention this early, so those who wants to try it, will have some time to get the ingredients.
What you will need is:
a dried and cured (salt) side of Sheep ribs, it may or not be smooked in edition too. santa prefer both.
than rutabaga, potatoes, beer and akevitt.
Before cooking, the racks are separated into individual ribs by cutting a sharp knife between the bones.
The ribs must then be soaked in water in order to rinse out the salt and reconstitute the meat.
After soaking the ribs are steamed over a little water in a large saucepan (add more water as it cooks down, do NOT let it cook dry).
A layer of twigs from the birch tree may be placed in the bottom of the saucepan instead of a metal steamer,
hence the name pinnekjøtt (literally: stick meat)
The meat needs to be steamed til it is easy to lift of the bone (2-4 hours).
rutabaga is cooked until you can easily stick a knife thru them. same as with potatoes.
mash the rutabaga adding a little milk, a few potatoes (that you also mash), a pinch of nutmeg, a pinch of salt and pepper
and some of the fat that have accumulated in the pan from steaming the ribs.
for one rutabaga maybe 2-3 sponfulls of the fat.
and a couple of potatoes.
Serve on a plate, the result would look like the picture.
pour a couple of tablespoons of the melted fat over and enjoy..

Hopefully you`ll enjoy Nazarian`s Company and visit us back tomorrow for even more.



Welcome to the Ninth Day of Advent.

Tomorrow Nazarian Claus is Busy at the Firing Range, One of my Reindeer broke a leg today, thous i have to put him down. So I have to Post Tomorrow`s treat today. Hope You dont cheat to much by looking at them Early :P

Added Lock n` Load with R. Lee Ermey - 01 Artillery (television program)
Added Lock n` Load with R. Lee Ermey - 02 Machine guns (television program)
Added Lock n` Load with R. Lee Ermey - 03 Tanks (television program)
Added Lock n` Load with R. Lee Ermey - 04 Pistols (television program)
Added Lock n` Load with R. Lee Ermey - 05 Helicopters (television program)
Added Lock n` Load with R. Lee Ermey - 06 Armored Vehicles (television program)
Added Lock n` Load with R. Lee Ermey - 07 Shotguns (television program)
Added Lock n` Load with R. Lee Ermey - 08 Rockets (television program)
Added Lock n` Load with R. Lee Ermey - 09 Blades (television program)
Added Lock n` Load with R. Lee Ermey - 10 Ammo (television program)
Added Lock n` Load with R. Lee Ermey - 11 Rifle (television program)
Added Lock n` Load with R. Lee Ermey - 12 MG2 (television program)
Added Lock n` Load with R. Lee Ermey - 13 Bunker Busters (television program)
Added Modern Marvels - Battle Gear (television program)
Added Modern Marvels - Battlefeild Engineering (television program)
Added Modern Marvels - Bunkers (television program)
Added Modern Marvels - Camouflage (television program)
Added Modern Marvels - Deadliest Weapons (television program)
Added Modern Marvels - High Explosives (television program)
Added Modern Marvels - One Shot, One Kill Marine Snipers (television program)
Added Modern Marvels - Strange Weapons (television program)
Added Modern Marvels - The Magnum (television program)
Added Modern Marvels - The Panzer Tank (television program)
Added Modern Marvels - Tiny Weapons (television program)
Added Modern Marvels - War Games (television program)
Added Modern Marvels - Winter Warriors (television program)
Added Norway At War 1/6 Mission Afghanistan (Eng. Sub.) (television documentary)
Added Norway At War 2/6 Mission Afghanistan (Eng. Sub.) (television documentary)
Added Norway At War 3/6 Mission Afghanistan (Eng. Sub.) (television documentary)
Added Norway At War 4/6 Mission Afghanistan (Eng. Sub.) (television documentary)
Added Norway At War 5/6 Mission Afghanistan (Eng. Sub.) (television documentary)
Added Norway At War 6/6 Mission Afghanistan (Eng. Sub.) (television documentary)
Added Norway At War 7/6 Outtakes (Eng. Sub.) (television documentary)
Added Norwegian Medevac Afghanistan 1/2 (Eng. Sub.) (television documentary)
Added Norwegian Medevac Afghanistan 2/2 (Eng. Sub.) (television documentary)

Santa will be back the day over Tomorrow with more Treats for you to enjoy, so do come back.



Welcome to the Eighth Day of Advent.

Ho Ho Ho.. Today Santa Has a real Special Treat For you. Santa`s Focus this year is to make this site more up-to-date with this new medium the youngsters call Video?. My Elf`s tells me that visual medium is King. Thous we have to be modern dont we? Well as Santa is magical and so is this site. We now proudly present our new Category:

Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 01: Making of a Gun (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 02: Bullets and Ammo (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 03: Dueling Pistols (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 04: The Gunslingers (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 05: Guns of Colt (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 06: Guns of Remington (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 07: Guns of Smith and Wesson (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 08: Guns of Winchester (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 09: Early Guns (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 10: The Rifle (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 11: The Shotgun (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 12: Guns of Browning (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 13: Early Machine Guns (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 14: Gangster Guns (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 15: The Tommy Gun (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 16: Rapid Firepower (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 17: Guns of the Civil War (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 18: Guns of the Revolution (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 19: U.S. Guns of World War II (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 20: Infamous Guns (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 21: German Small Arms of World War 2 (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 22: Luger (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 23: Guns of the Mauser (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 24: Guns of Israel (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 25: Guns of the Russian Military (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 26: Japanese Guns of World War 2 (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 27: Naval Guns (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 28: M-16 (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 29: AK-47 (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 30: Super Guns of Today and Tomorrow (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 31: Guns of the Sky (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 32: Automatic Pistols (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 33: Sharp Shooters and Long Range Weapons (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 34: Police Guns (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 35: Women and Guns (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 36: Guns of Infamy Part One (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 37: Guns of Infamy Part Two (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 38: Million Dollar Guns (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 39: Guns of the Commandos (History Documentary)
Added Tales of the Gun - Episode 40: Guns of Revolution (History Documentary)

Hope you enjoy this new addition, and do come back tomorrow for more.



Welcome to the Seventh Day of Advent.

Ho Ho Ho.. Welcome back to Nazarian claus Workshop. Today we are traveling back to 1830`s and to the age of exploration. This oddball, Part gun, Part Knife - Was used in the far away Fiji islands by US sailors. it was a different age and different time. Still not a popular weapon by that day standard either. Nevertheless a curious weapon indeed.

Percussion PistolPistol
Added Elgin Pistol

Tomorrow is the second Sunday of advent, and we will have another surprise for you, so do come back..



Welcome to the Sixth Day of Advent.

Time is flying and we are well underway to X-mas. Todays Odd-ball is a very strange gun from Ukraine. It is a Prototype gun that never reached serial production. I`am sure you figure why.

Added Shevchenko PSh-4

Stay tuned for more Special Weapons tomorrow.



Welcome to the Fifth Day of Advent.

Welcome Back To Nazarian claus Workshop. Today i`we looked deep, deep down into my Gift bag. And what did i find? I found Jesus our lord and saviour`s old manuscripts guide "How to evade Romans" Vol 1, and "How to spot a liar" Vol 2.
Gee.. Ho Ho Ho.. i Sure f***ed up there.

Never the less. Lets make sure that does not happens again by supporting your local 2nd amendment laws. This way the governing body cannot bring it`s law abiding citizens "like lambs to the slaughter" and do injustice.
Do this by Joining NRA: Here
If you are Norwegian like us:
Bli med i Norges Jeger og Fiskeforbund: Her
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Percussian Revolver/Multi-Purpose
Added Apache revolver (Video at Bottom)

Be sure to stay tuned for another special treat for you tomorrow..



Welcome to the Fourth Day of Advent.

Today were gonna visit the Ol`South (The Confederacy). To look at a very special Revolver/Shotgun. The LeMat, a legendary gun.

Percussian Revolver/Shotgun
Added LeMat Revolver (Video at Bottom)

Well i hope you enjoyed that, and do come back for more tomorow.



Welcome to the Third Day of Advent.

Ho Ho Ho.. Third Day of X-Mas and Nazarian claus is very busy at his Factory. Kim jong un have wished for a new Gold Pistol, i`am not sure if he has been a good boy this year. Even so he guaranteed he would not be a good boy next year if he dident get his new Gun. So i figured better supply one than jeopardizing Trubble in the region.

China made an Order For 1,4M. New Type 56 to use in case of Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands conflict not working out. The Japanese likewise with 1M. Howa Type 64`s.. so you can imagine our factory are going 24 hours around the clock. Actually rising the temperature at the north pole by 2,1 degrees. phew.

Well over to more Jolly news -
Today Advent special is again a very unique weapon for you to enjoy.

Automatic Rifles/Submachine Guns
Added ITM Model 3

Tomorrow nazarian claus will have more for you.



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Welcome to the Second Day of Advent.

Ho Ho Ho.. So you decided to visit Ol`Nazarian Claus Again.
Well Today i have another Very special and unique Firearm for you.

Added Colt Defender Mark I

Do come back Tomorrow.
As Nazarian claus will have a present for you, every day, all Advent and even whole of December.
To make the Dark times cozy and Warm.



Welcome to the First Day of Advent.

Ho Ho Ho.. Today Nazarian Claus has something special for You. A very highly unique Firearm indeed.

Added Arsenal Firearms AF2011-A1 (Video at Bottom)

Nazarian Claus Hope that everyone of you behave and maybe something special is bound for you this X-mas.. Ho Ho Ho.. Come Back for more Tomorrow.

PS: Chanukkah Sam Sends his regards for those who regards the Jewish Hollidays.. he says:

Hanneirot hallalu anachnu madlikin `al hannissim ve`al hanniflaot `al hatteshu`ot ve`al hammilchamot she`asita laavoteinu bayyamim haheim, (u)bazzeman hazeh `al yedei kohanekha hakkedoshim. Vekhol-shemonat yemei Hanukkah hanneirot hallalu kodesh heim, ve-ein lanu reshut lehishtammesh baheim ella lir`otam bilvad kedei lehodot ul`halleil leshimcha haggadol `al nissekha ve`al nifleotekha ve`al yeshu`otekha.




Advent Calender: Every day From 1 Dec. Until the 24 Dec. (31 Dec. to cover other minor hollidays).
We will Add New Weapons.
This is our Gift to you the reader. Enjoy and Happy X-mas, Midwinterfeast (Þorrablót), Hanukkah (חנוכה), Kwanzaa, Festivus, Ramadan (رمضان) or that other muslim holiday KaBoom!.

From all of us to all of you Have a Merry, Merry Yule Time.



Make your Spouse Happy this year. X-mas is coming and Firearms are Hot.



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Nazarian`s Gun`s Recognition Guide Present - How to Pro your Gun.

Details - NGRG - How to Pro your Gun



Moved Beretta A391 Xtrema 3.5 (Video at Bottom)

Want Free Ammo?

All you have to do is - Click the link under, And "Like" our page at Facebook. And You may be the lucky Winner of - 50 Rounds of 9mm 124gr Geco (or = Money if you Cannot receive Ammunition - Age, Laws etc. or wtf.) Winner selected when Facebook page achieves 1,000 fans.



Nazarian`s Gun`s Recognition Guide Present - Homemade MRE (how to construct your own MRE).

Details - NGRG`s Homemade LT MRE (Light weight MARE)



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Bolt Action Rifles
Added Blaser R93 (Video at Bottom)

Added Winchester Model 1897 (Video at Bottom)



Bolt Action Rifles
Added Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 Back Country (Video at Bottom)
Updated Armalite AR-50 (Video at Bottom)



Salaam alaykum and welcome to Nazarian`n Gun`s Recognition Guide: First Sunday Special.
This First Sunday Special, is Going to be about The Islamic Republic of Iran.

Automatic Rifles
Added DIO KH-2002 "Khaybar" (Video at Bottom)
Added DIO Arash (Video at Bottom)
Added DIO G3A6

Bolt Action Rifles
Added DIO Shaher (Video at Bottom)

Added DIO PC-9 "Zoaf"

Added DIO Razm



Nazarian`s Week of Israeli Guns. Day 7.

Shabbat Shalom This is the Last day of our Israeli Guns week, and in Good Jewish tradition.
We Make this Update the day before Shabbat, so we don`t have to Work on the Shabbat. :P
Just Kidding. But tomorow is Gun Range Day, thous Either do the update today or not at all.

It has been a Fun Week, Going through A lot of Israel`s Finest.
It was a Well deserved update, as IWI Makes a Fine selection of quality guns no matter what one might think of Israel in General.
There are die hard Fans out there and to the same degree people who not so much like the jewish state.
But lets agree, wen it comes to Guns They Know they`re business.

With that being said. Let`s kick off the Grand Finale.

Automatic Rifles
Added IWI Galil ACE 31 (Video at Bottom)
Added IWI Galil ACE 22 (Video at Bottom)
Added IWI Galil ACE 23 (Video at Bottom)
Added IWI Galil ACE 32 (Video at Bottom)

Upcoming! Tomorrow 17.11 we will have: Iranian Sunday Special. Stay Tuned.



Nazarian`s. Week of Israeli Guns. Day 6.

Machine Guns
Added IWI Negev NG7 (Video at Bottom)
Added IWI Negev SF (Prior: Commando/Assult) (Video at Bottom)

Automatic Rifles
Added IWI X95 (Video at Bottom)

Not a Part of Week of Israeli Guns

Automatic Rifles
Added (World First AR) Mondragón rifle (Video at Bottom, Schematics)



Nazarian`s. Week of Israeli Guns. Day 5.

Updated Category Automatic Rifles (Mini-Documentary in each Category located at Bottom)

Automatic Rifles
Updated IWI Galil MAR (Micro) (Video at Bottom)

Submachine Guns
Added IWI UZI PRO (Video at Bottom)

Check Out our new Section -

New category Gun Giveaway (Guns, Ammunition, Rifles Etc. Contest/Sweepstakes)
Rules May Apply (Like US citizenship, Legal Age - Etc.)

Do you Enjoy Using our Encyclopedia?
Please Recommend Us to your Friends and Boards.

Free Encyclopedia of small arms including large picture & video collection of
weapons in use, users manuals, blueprints, conversion manuals with gun forum.

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Nazarian`s. Week of Israeli Guns. Day 4.

Although Technically Not "Israeli Guns" i.e Made in Israel, Rather Israeli Guns Made in the US. Still we Feel it Qualify within Our Week of Israeli Guns.

What am i talking About?

I`am Talking About IWI US.

So.. What is IWI US?

IWI US, Inc., the US-based subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries, Ltd. (IWI), was formed to provide customers in the American market the long-awaited and highly reputable firearm brands known world-wide for their outstanding performance and innovation.

The story of IWI US begins almost 80 years ago when Israel Military Industries (IMI) Ltd., a manufacturer of small arms began operations in the pre-state Jewish governance under the Palestinian Mandate in 1933. In the late 1950`s, Israel Weapons Industries (IWI), formerly the “Magen” division within IMI, began collaboration with the elite Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The goal was to develop the most technologically advanced small arms systems based upon the demands of troops fighting in urban areas and harsh environments. The unique combat conditions experienced by the IDF required a new paradigm in firearms development. The results included the most innovative and now legendary firearm brands still used by militaries, law enforcement agencies and security personnel around the world; TAVOR®, X95®, NEGEV®, GALIL®, UZI® and JERICHO®.

IWI US, Inc., launched in 2012, brought the civilian commercial versions of these world famous firearms to our shores. The US corporate headquarters houses the marketing, sales, customer service, manufacture, production and quality assurance departments for the TAVOR® SAR and the UZI® Pro Pistol and many more new and exciting products to come.

IWI US, Inc. is a member of the SK Group, a leading group of global Defense and Security companies that includes: Israel Weapons Industries, Ltd. (IWI); Meprolight Ltd. (Electro-Optic systems); Camero-Tech Ltd. (Through-the-Wall sensing, Lasers and Night Vision systems), Israel Shipyards Ltd. (Ship manufacturing and repair), Uni-scope Ltd. (Optical periscopes) and more.

Automatic Rifles
Added IWI US Tavor SAR B18 (flattop) (Video at Bottom, TAVOR® SAR Manual (pdf))
Added IWI US Tavor SAR B16 (flattop) (Video at Bottom, TAVOR® SAR Manual (pdf))
Added IWI US Tavor SAR-IDF IDF16 (Video at Bottom, TAVOR® SAR Manual (pdf))
Added IWI US Tavor SAR FD16 (flattop) (Video at Bottom, TAVOR® SAR Manual (pdf))
Added IWI US Tavor SAR FD18 (flattop) (Video at Bottom, TAVOR® SAR Manual (pdf))
Added IWI US Tavor SAR B16L (flattop/Left-Hand) (Video at Bottom, TAVOR® SAR Manual (pdf))

Added IWI US UZI PRO (Video at Bottom)

PS: After this Week`s Israel Special. We consider doing a New Week special.
Suggestions On Topics can be submitted to



Nazarian`s. Week of Israeli Guns. Day 3.

A Short pressentation of IMI (Now IWI):

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd. is one of the world`s leaders, for the past 80 years, in the production and marketing of unrivalled combat proven small arms.

The company`s weapon systems include the innovative TAVOR family of Assault Rifles, the ultimate two caliber X95 (Assault Rifle & SMG), the reliable NEGEV Light Machine Gun family, the well-known GALIL Assault Rifle family, including our recent addition of the robust GALIL ACE family, the renowned GALIL SNIPER SA Rifle, the legendary UZI SMG (Mini, Micro and Uzi Pro) and the acclaimed JERICHO family of pistols.

All these firearms are combat proven and are weapons of choice of top military units and law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

The company`s firearms are developed in close collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). IWI and IDF have established joint Research & Development (R&D) teams to develop these weapons, whose final configurations are the product of ongoing interaction, field tests and modifications resulting from combat requirements.

The intensive and constant use of IWI`s products by IDF and worldwide, enables the company to design its products accordingly, optimizing, innovating, modifying and improving constantly its weapon`s features by using modern technology.

All our weapon systems are in compliance with the most stringent military standards (MIL-STD) and ISO 9000 standards.

IWI is a member of SK Group, a leading global Defense and Security group of companies that includes Meprolight Ltd. (Electro-Optic systems), Pulse Inteco Systems Ltd. (Lasers and Night Vision systems), Camero-Tech Ltd. (Through-the-Wall sensing), Israel Shipyards Ltd. (Ship manufacturing and repair), Uni-scope Ltd. (Optical periscopes) and more.

IWI`s weapon systems can be specially adjusted to your particular needs and can be complemented with various accessories, according to your specific requirements, like X6 0r X10 telescopic sights, reflex or Tritium sights, night vision, flash lights, etc….

Automatic Rifles
Rename/Updated/Separated/Total Remake IWI Tavor / TAR-21 (Video at Bottom)
Added/Separation IWI Micro Tavor (MTAR-21/X95) (Video at Bottom)
Added IWI Galil ACE 21 (Video at Bottom, PDF Brochure)



Nazarian`s. Week of Israeli Guns. Day 2.

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Machine Guns
Updated/Total Remake IMI Negev (Video at Bottom)

Automatic Rifles
Minor Update TCI / TEI M89SR



Welcome to Nazarian`s. Week of Israeli Guns. Day 1.
This week (From Sunday 10.11 - To Sunday 17.11) We will Focus on Israeli Weapons.
This Because For a Long time this Country has been Overlook`ed
(Mostly because of less availability locally - Norway),
Even "Boycotted" in the start (2003-2005) for those who Remember.
But by Popular demand, and conformity to Run an absolutely "unbiased" Enclopydia,
the "Boycott" was removed in 2005.
`This Site is About Guns, Not Politics!`.

Well Enough Chit Chat! Lets Kick It.

Updated/Total Remake Jericho 941 (Video at Bottom)

R. P. G.
Added B-300 (Video at Bottom)



Today is Shabbat. :P

Before we - Kick-off - the Next week, with Focus on Israeli Gun`s.
As our section on Israeli weapons need some TLC.



Sources / Acknowledegements:

Removed 5 Sites from "Sources / Acknowledegements" due to Link dead Sites.
These sites are now considered "Countless others".

Automatic Rifles
Added Beretta Cx4 Storm (Video at Bottom)
Added Beretta Rx4 Storm (Video at Bottom)

Submachine Guns
Added Beretta Mx4 Storm (Video at Bottom)

Updated (total remake) Beretta PX4 Storm (Video at Bottom)
Added Beretta Px4 Storm Compact (Video at Bottom)
Added Beretta Px4 Storm Subcompact (Video at Bottom)

Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm

Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm

Gen 4 Left Hand, Gen 3 Right hand. Notice the ejection of spent cases.
The Gen4 Throws them "mostly" gently to the right and one should think this is ok. But this Gentle throwing distance "pretty often" leads to so-called Brass to Face.
Versus the Gen3 More Wild and Long Throw. That very seldom occurs "B2F", Mostly because the spent Case overshoots the operator.



We are currently Working on a New Category. "Weapons of Glory / famous Guns" or something to that affection, as to be the Opposition to "Guns Of Infamy". We have to coin out a Name for this category. We also need suggestions to whom and what guns to put in this category.
Suggestion box: Header: Suggestion. This Suggestion box may also be used for any guns in general, who you would like to see Online, also if you have some corrections to old articles.

Best Regards
- Nazarian

Updated Ammunition (added 2 Cartridge Charts)

Ammunition - Pistol Cartridges
Updated 7.65 mm Parabellum (.30 Luger)

Automatic Rifles
Added Barrett M468 (Video at Bottom)
Added Barrett M468A1 (Video at Bottom)


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