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U.S. Model 1842

U.S. Model 1842 Percussion Pistol


The .54 caliber smoothbore, percussion lock pistol was made by the Palmetto Armory of Columbia, South Carolina around 1853

The Palmetto Armory was established in 1852 by Columbia silversmith and jeweler, William Glaze and his associate Benjamin Flag. They purchased their equipment from Asa Waters of Milbury, Massachusetts. This armory initially retained its original name, the Palmetto Iron Works, which was famous for making tools, barrels and cotton gins. In 1851 the state of South Carolina contracted this company to produce arms for the South Carolina militia in preparation for a potential war. In addition to muskets and rifles, the Palmetto Armory produced 2,000 Model 1842 Palmetto Percussion Pistols for this contract between the years 1852 and 1853. These pistols were among the first to be issued to Confederate Troops during the Civil War. By 1860, any of the additional pistols that had not been sold to the federal government were sold to the state government. The factory was destroyed by General Sherman’s troops during the Civil War in February 1865.

Showing and firing an antique percussion pistol (Aston 1842)

Percussion Pistol

Palmetto Armory of Columbia, South Carolina

Single shoot, manual reload

.54 caliber

215.9 mm (8 1/2 in)

None; smoothbore.

Magazine Capacity:
Nil - 1 shoot only

In Production:


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