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Adolf Hitler`s Lilliput Model 1.

Adolf Hitlers Lilliput Model 1.

Other Pictures:
Inscription, Right Side.

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This pearl gripped Lilliput Model 1 semi-automatic pistol was presented to Hitler by fellow Nazi Party member Max Kehl as a special presentation gift in 1938.

The pistol was discovered in a government building in Munich 1945 just after the wars end. The pistol is lavishly engraved and gold plated. There is an inscription on the side that reads " DEM VEREHRTEN FUHRER HITLER VON PG KEHL, MUNCHEN, AUS DESSEN HEIMAT DER WAFFENSTADT SUHL " this inscription translates as " The venerable leader Hitler of PG Kehl, Munich, from his home the arms-manufacturing town Suhl "

There is also an inscription on the other side of the pistol that translates as " In Defiance of the Red Front & the Reaction. For the protection of our Leader. " This pistol is expected to reach several thousand dollars under auction.

Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told [EN] / Sous-titres en Franšais HD



4.25mm Liliput Or .25 ACP


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