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Pistols - Argentina


The Ballester-Molina was a pistol designed and built by the Argentine company Hispano Argentina Fábrica de Automotores SA (HAFDASA). The Ballester was originally called the Ballester-Rigaud (c. 1938–1940). The Ballester was designed to offer the Argentine police and military a less-expen...

Bersa Thunder 380

Bersa Thunder 380 pistols are manufactured in Argentine by Bersa S.A. company, as a compact self-defense side arms for civilians and police. being inexpensive and of good quality, these pistols offer a good level of protection with decent ergonomics. These pistols must not be confused with larger...

Bersa Thunder 9

The Thunder 9
is a full size semi-automatic handgun manufactured by Bersa at the Ramos Mejia production plant in Argentina. It is also sold under the name Firestorm or FS 9.

Derivative in other calibres include the Thunder 40, Thunder 45.

Development History
This handgun is ...


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