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Pistols - P.R. China

China Type 64

The China Type 64 is an unusual Chinese silenced pistol, recognisable by its integral bulbous silencer. The breech slide can be locked closed to prevent ejection of the spent case, or can be unlocked so that the pistol operates in a normal blowback self-loading manner. The China Type 64 is chambe...

China Type 67

The China Type 67 is a Chinese derivative of the China Type 64 pistol. It has a built in silencer, but is less clumsy than the Type 64, and the breech cannot be locked, rather the pistol operates in an ordinary blowback manner. The Type 67 is chambered for a special 7.62 mm calibre cartridge know...

Model 77B

The Model 77B (M 77B) pistol is made by Chinese state arms factories and is exported by the NORINCO (China North Industries Corp). The M 77B pistol is apparently based on the Type 77 pistol, used by PLA and Chinese Police. However, the M 77B is bigger and heavier than Type 77 pistol. M 77B fires ...


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The QSZ-92 pistol is a most recent development of the Chinese state arms factories, and, apparently, it i...

Type 64

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The Type 64 is a standard pistol for the PLA of...

Type 80

Type 80 automatic (or machine) pistol has been developed in late 1970s as a personal defense weapon for vehicle crews and other military personnel, which is not issued with an assault rifle but may require a weapon with more firepower, than a typical pistol can provide. Type 80 pistol was apparen...

Type 84

Type 84 compact pistol was developed in China during early 1980s as a dedicated counter-terrorism weapon, to be carried in deep concealment by security personnel and used at short ranges, where over-penetration is a serious concern, i.e. on civilian airplanes. It uses a specially designed ...


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