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Pistols - Spain

Astra 300

The Astra 300 is a Spanish pistol first introduced in 1922 in 9 mm parabellum for the Spanish Prison Service, and then produced in 1923 in 7.65 mm and 9 mm for commercial sales. In 1928 the 9 mm model was adopted by the Spanish Navy. Over 80,000 were supplied to the German Army during the Second ...

Astra 400

The Astra 400 was a Spanish service pistol produced from 1921 to 1950 in three calibres; 9 mm Largo, 7.65 mm ACP and 7.63 mm Mauser. It took an eight round magazine and had a barrel length of 150 mm.

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Astra A-100

The Astra A-100 is a Spanish pistol similar to the Astra A-90 but with some variations for the overseas market including no manual safety catch and the magazine release in the butt, behind the trigger. The A-100 was first made in 1990 and is available in 9 mm Parabellum with a 15 round magazine a...

Astra A-50

The Astra A-50 is a simple single-action blowback Spanish pistol available chambered for 9 mm short and 7.65 mm Browning ammunition. It takes a seven round magazine and has an 89 mm barrel. Production of the A-50 started in 1960.

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Astra A-60

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A development of the Astra A-50, the Astra A-60 is a Spanish blowback operated double-action semi-automatic pistol available in 9 ...

Astra A-70

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The Astra A-70 is a Spanish single-action pistol manufactured since 1992 for the Police and military. It is availa...

Astra A-75

The Astra A-75 is a double-action version of the Astra A-70 pistol produced since 1993 for the Police and military markets. It is available in 9 mm parabellum and .40 inch Smith and Wesson calibres with an 8 or 7 round respectively magazine capacity.

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Astra A-80

The Astra A-80 is a well-built Spanish pistol first produced in 1982 and available in several calibres; 9 mm Parabellum, 9 x 23 mm Steyr, .38 inch Super Autom .45 inch ACP and 7.65 mm Parabellum. It takes a fifteen round magazine through the butt and has a 96.5 mm barrel.

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Astra A-90

The Astra A-90 is a Spanish pistol produced since 1985. It is an improved version of the Astra A-80 with adjustable sights and an increased magazine capacity of 17 rounds in the 9 mm model and 9 rounds in the .45 inch calibre model. A manual safety catch is also employed in addition to the automa...

Astra Falcon

The Astra Falcon is a Spanish pistol based upon the Astra 400 taking a 9 mm short calibre round from a seven round capacity magazine. Production started in 1956.

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Astra Model F

The Astra Model F was a Spanish service pistol first produced in 1928 and in service from 1935 to 1945. It took a 9 mm Largo cartridge and had a magazine capacity of ten or twenty rounds and a barrel length of 180 mm.

Astra TS-22

The Astra TS-22 is a Spanish single-action target shooting pistol chambered for the .22 Long Rifle cartridge which it takes from a 10-round magazine. The
Astra TS-22 is fitted with adjustable match sights and has a six-inch barrel.

Llama M-82

This pistol was developed by Spanish company Llama Gabilondo y Cia SA in 1986 and was adopted by Spanish military in 1988.

Llama M82 is a recoil operated, locked breech semiautomatic pistol. It uses short recoiling barrel with tilting block barrel-to-slide locking, much like the Walther P38 o...

Star 30M

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This pistol had been developed and manufactured in Spain by Star Bonifacio Echeverria SA company. The Star 30M appe...


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