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Pistols - Poland


The P-64 pistol (official designation 9 mm pistolet wz. 1964) has been developed in Poland during late 1950s and early 1960s, as a compact and lightweight replacement for Tokarev TT pistols, manufactured in Poland under soviet license. Following the Soviet road, Poland replaced the powerful 7.62x...


The P-83 pistol (officially designated as 9 mm pistolet wz. 1983) has been developed during early eighties at the state-owned Z. M. Lucznik arms factory. It is used by Polish military and police, and provided some improvements over previous P-64 service pistol in terms of both cost and combat eff...

Pistolet wz. 35 Vis

(Polish designation pistolet wz. 35 Vis, German designation 9 mm Pistole 35(p), or simply the Radom in English sources) is a 9×19mm caliber, single-action, semi-automatic pistol. Inspired by American firearms inventor John Browning`s 9mm "Browning GP" pistol design which was completed...


The WIST-94
is a semi-automatic pistol produced in Poland.

WIST-94 was designed at Military Institute of Armament Technology (WITU) under the code name Piryt (pl.Pyrite) . Two prototypes were made in 1992, which differ in the barrel locking system: Model A01 used a ...


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