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SIG-Sauer P228

SIG-Sauer P228

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SIG-Sauer P228 Cutout view

(MANUAL) SIG Sauer P228 Manual (.pdf)

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SigSauer P228 was introduced in 1989 as a compact companion to full-sized P226 (much like the P225 was a compact variant of the P220). P228 featured same design characteristics as a P226, but is somewhat more smaller, with more "rounded" shape and with smaller capacity magazines. Technically, P228 is similar to other P220-series guns: it is a blowback-operated, locked breech design, with modified Browning-style linkless locking via slide ejection port. It has same DA or DAO trigger mechanism with striker pin safety, manual decocker (lever on the left side of the frame), slide stop. Slide is manufactured from stamped steel, with locking block insert. Frame is made from aluminium alloy.
In April, 1992, US Army officially adopted P228 as a M11 US Army pistol, a compact sidearm for aircraft crews, Military police officers and other personnel who needed a handgun, more compact than full-sized M9 (aka Beretta 92).

P228 are extremely reliable, deadly accurate and, by many opinions, more comfortable than Glocks. And is a popular Law Enforcement handgun used by many Police depts across USA, as well as by FBI, Secret Service, DEA.

Double Action or Double Action Only

9 mm Luger

(Unloaded) 730 g

180 mm

99 mm

Magazine Capacity:
13 Rounds


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