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(FILM) USP Presentation (.MOV)

Other Pictures:
HK USP in .40SW - basic version

HK USP in .45ACP

HK USP .45 Tactical with extended barrel, threaded for sound suppressor (threads are covered by protector)

HK USP Compact .45ACP

USP - cutaway

The Family of the USP handguns

(MANUAL) HK USP Manual (.pdf)

(Manual) Armorers Instruction (.pdf)

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The HK USP (Universal Selbstlade Pistole in German, or Universal Self-loading Pistol), was initially designed in 9mm and .40SW chamberings and appeared on the scene in 1993. The guns was designed from the scratch as a .40SW pistol, and the 9mm version differs only in the barrel and magazines.
All USP pistols are built on the same modified Browning linkless locked breech action with patented recoil reduction system. The short recoiling barrel locks to the slide using one large lug, that fits into the slide ejection port. USP has molded polymer frame with special grooves for quick mounting of laser aiming modules or tactical lights. Basic USP version was designed as a Police and Military handgun. One of the remarkable features of the USP is a wide variety of the trigger styles - total of 9 combinations are known, in DA or DAO, with or without manual safety and/or decocker.
In 1995, HK presented USP in .45, mostly for the US market.
First USP Compact handguns appeared in 1994, and are scaled down versions of the full-size USPs.
USP is a serious combat/self defense gun, but HK also designed a "sporting" versions of the USP - USP Match and USP Expert.
USP Match has polygonal rifled barrel, O-ring and compensator, and tuned for target shooting.
USP Expert, presented in 1998, is designed for serious European IPSC competitions, It has adjustable rear sight, extended barrel and slide and O-ring for better accuracy.
Another thing is the USP Tactical. It is available only in .45ACP and is a "brother" to the SpecOps HK Mk.23 handgun. USP Tactical is similar to USP .45 except for lightened barrel with threads (for mounting the silencer, same as on Mk.23), adjustable rear sights and match trigger. USP Tactical is a serious combat tool, no doubt.
Two variations of the USP now adopted in Germany: the P8 - by Bundeswehr (German Army) and the P10 - by German Police. The P8 is a standard USP with specific features, such as safety/decocker lever and translucent plastic magazines; The P10 is in fact a USP Compact. Both P8 and P10 are chambered in 9x19mm Luger (9mm NATO) only.

Double Action or Double Action Only

9x19mm Luger, .40 S&W, .45 Auto, .357SIG (USP Compact only)

Varies with model

Varies with model

Varies with model

Magazine Capacity:
USP, USP Match 15 rds (9mm), 13 rds (.40), 12 rds (.45); USP Compact 13 rds (9mm), 12 rds (.357 and .40), 8 rds (.45)


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