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Submachine Guns - Poland


Bechowiec (aka Bechowiec-1) was a Polish World War II machine pistol or submachine gun developed and produced by the underground Bataliony Chłopskie (BCh, Peasants` Battalions) resistance organisation. It was designed in 1943 by Henryk Strąpoć and was being produced in under...


The Blyskawica (Lightning) was a submachine gun produced by the Armia Krajowa, or Home Army, a Polish resistance movement fighting the Germans in occupied Poland. A successful construction, it was most probably the only weapon designed and mass produced covertly in occupied Europe.


Pistolet maszynowy wz.39 Mors

Pistolet maszynowy wz.39 Mors (Mors is Latin for death, Polish for walrus) was a Polish submachine gun designed by Piotr Wilniewczyc and Jan Skrzypiński between 1936 and 1938. It was to have become the standard submachine gun of the Polish Army some time in the 1940s. However, its pro...

Poland pz-63

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This is a peculiar weapon which resembles an over-grown automatic pistol. Instead of a bolt movin...


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