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Submachine Guns - Austria

Steyr AUG para

Modification of well-known assault rifle into an SMG. Conversion kit includes new barrel, bolt assembly, magazine throat. Any AUG may be conversed into SMG and back within 10 minutes by the owner.
Resulted SMG is a simple blowback operated, and could be equipped with silencer.

Steyr MPi69 / MPi81

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The Steyr MPi 69 SMG was developed by Steyr-Mannlicher AG and now discontinued in production...

Steyr TMP

Steyr TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol) is a modern compact SMG. It is blowback operated, locked breech design, with rotating barrel. This mean that after the shot bolt with barrel locked to it are moving backward for some 4 millimeters. Then, the barrel rotates clockwise slightly, and thus unlocks t...


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