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Submachine Guns - Italy

Benelli CB M2

The Benelli CB-M2 was a unique submachine gun of Italian conception resulting from a joint venture between Benelli and Fiocchi Munizioni, the biggest ammunition manufacturer of Italy. The weapon itself was unremarkable, and operated by a simple blowback system, which is very common for sub...

Beretta M12 / M12S

Submachinegun Beretta mod.12 was developed in 1959 by Pietro Beretta Spa., Italy. Later, the variant 12s was developed. Mod.12 and 12s had been adopted by Italian army, Carabineri, and by some other military and police agencies around the world.

M12 is a recoil operated, select-fire firearm, ...

Beretta M3

The Beretta Model 3 was an Italian submachine gun produced from 1956 to 1959. It was essentially the World War II-era Beretta 38/42 redesigned for more efficient production. The wooden stock of the 38/42 was replaced with a steel folding stock. A pistol grip was provided at the trigger gua...

Beretta Mx4 Storm

The Beretta Mx4 Storm
is the military version of the Beretta Cx4 Storm pistol-caliber carbine. It has a barrel length of 12 inches, and is capable of automatic fire. The Cx4 can use pistol magazines, or its own 30 round magazine. There is a rail on the top of the Cx4 for mounting scopes ...

Franchi LF-57

The Italian gun-making company Luigi Franchi Spa produced its first submachine gun, designated as LF-56, in 1956. This was a prototype weapon that bore more than a passing similarity to the prototype submachine guns designed couple of years earlier by Beretta in the process of developing the PM 1...


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