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Automatic Rifles - Italy

Beretta AR-70/223 / AR-70/90 / SC-70/90 / SCP-70/90

Famous Italian arms company Pietro Beretta Spa began to develop a new assault rifle, chambered for American 5.56mm cartridge in 1968. The resulting design appeared circa 1972 and after trials was adopted by the Italian Special forces, as well as by some foreign armies, like those of Jordan, Malay...

Beretta BM 59

Since the end of the World War 2, Italy adopted the US-designed M1 Garand rifle in .30-06 (7.62x63mm) and manufactured it under licence. This semi-automatic rifle proved itself wery well during WW2 but in the late 1950s it was seriously outdated and obsolete, so Italian military wanted a new rifl...

Beretta Cx4 Storm


The Beretta Cx4 Storm
is a pistol-caliber carbine aimed at the sporting, personal defense and law enforcement markets. Seven different models acc...

Beretta Rx4 Storm


The Beretta Rx4 is a rifle developed and manufactured by the Beretta Holding of Italy.

The action is a gas-operated, rotating ...


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