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Automatic Rifles - CSSR/Czech Rep.

CZ 511

The CZ 511 is a semi-automatic .22 LR rifle made by Českß Zbrojovka Uherskř Brod at the Českß Zbrojovka Strakonice factory in Strakonice, Czech Republic. They had stopped selling the rifle to the United States at one point, but there became a high demand for them in the USA, and ...

SA Vz.58

The Samopal vzor 1958 (submachine gun, model of 1958) was the standard assault rifle of the Czechoslovak army from the late 1950s and until the dissolution of the ╚SSR in the 1993. At the present time the SA Vz.58 is still used by the Czech and Slovak armies, as well as sold for export in some qu...


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