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Bolt Action Rifles - Germany

Blaser R93

The Blaser R93 is a popular German Hunting rifle offered in a multitude of calibers and barrel lengths.

Designed in 1993, it held many constructive novelties:
- Manual cocking system
- Straight-pull bolt action
- Direct trigger
- Original Blaser saddle mount


Erma SR-100

The ERMA SR-100 rifle was developed in Germany by Erma company and represents the high end sniper rifle, capable of outstanding first shot accuracy and widely and quickly ajustable for many tactical situations. Designed for law enforcement and counter-terror troops, this rifle is wery expencive b...

Mauser 86SR

This rifle was developed in Germany on the Mauser Sporting rifle.
Used by Germany and Italy police, as well as by Israeli special forces (Isayeret) and many other Europe law enforcement forces.

Mauser model G98 / K98k

The Mauser company, established by the two Mauser brothers, established its reputation in firearms making in the last decades of the XIX century, and continued to build a very well thought-out and skillfully built firearms until the end of the World War 2. Some years after the WW2, the Mauser com...

Mauser SP66

The Mauser SP66 sniper rifle had been developed fom Mauser Model 66 Super Match sporting rifle circa 1976. It was widely used by various military and police forces from many countries, including Germany, Italy and Israel. Currently some of the Sp66s are still in service, but production had been c...


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