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Bolt Action Rifles - Japan

Arisaka Year 38 / 38 Carbine

The Type 38 Rifle Arisaka (Sanpati-shiki hoheijyuu) was a bolt-action rifle. For a time it was the standard rifle of Japanese infantry. It had a high reliability and a high accurancy. It was also known as the Type 38 Year Meiji Carbine in Japan. An earlier similar weapon was the Type 30 Year Meij...

Arisaka Year 44 Carbine

The Type 44 Cavalry Rifle (Yonyon-shiki kijyuu or Yonjyuuyon-shiki kijyuu) is a Japanese bolt-action rifle. It was a development of the Arisaka Type 38 Cavalry Rifle, the main difference being the bayonet is a needle type and it can be folded backwards. It entered service in 1911.


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