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.257 Weatherby Magnum

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The .257 Weatherby Magnum was introduced during the mid 1940's, back when Roy was still building custom rifles around war surplus '03 Springfield and the '98 Mauser actions. It was always a favorite cartridge.

There once was a time when everything written about such cartridges as the .257 Weatherby Magnum included an apology for it's barrel life, but such opinions are now as outdated as high top shoe's and Model A Fords. The advent of tougher barrel steels and, possibly more important, a greater awareness among shooters of the importance of cleaning rifle barrels properly have proven that the big game hunting accuracy life of a barrel in .257 Weatherby Magnum (and other like cartridges) is in excess of 2000 rounds. This, of course, is assuming that the shooter does not wash out the chamber throat by subjecting the barrel to a high rate of sustained fire. Allow a barrel in .257 Weatherby Magnum to cool down every three shots an it will last the average shooter a lifetime.

The .257 Weatherby Magnum is seen at its best when burning a slow powder in a 26" barrel. A shorter barrel is handier but it cuts back on .257 Magnum performance by a substantial degree. H4831 and IMR-4831 are good choices for this cartridge when loading bullets up to 100 grains, but H870 and IMR-7828 will usually push heavier bullets faster at equal chamber pressures.

Due to the extremely high velocity possible with this cartridge, bullets of controlled expansion design are best for shooting big game heavier than Whitetails and Pronghorn. The Nosler 120 grain Partition and Remington 120 grain Core Lokt are excellent bullets for shooting big game with the .257 Weatherby Magnum.

.257 Weatherby Magnum


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