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Recoilless Rifle - Russia/USSR


History & Development:
The B10 (Bezotkatnojieordie) were in service by the Soviet Union between 1954-1980. It was a development of the earlier SPG-82, and entered Soviet service during 1954. It was gradualy phased out of service in the Soviet Army in the 1960s and were replaced by the SPG-9, bu...

B11 (RG107)

The B-11 recoilless rifle (It is also known as RG107) is a Soviet 107 mm smoothbore recoilless rifle. It entered service in 1954, and was typically towed by a 6x6 ZIL-157 truck or a UAZ 4x4 truck.

It is fitted using a PBO-4 sight which has a 5.5x zoom direct fire sight and a 2.5x zoom sight fo...


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