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Gatling Guns - USA

GAU-8 Avenger


The General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger
is a 30 mm hydraulically driven seven-barrel Gatling-type autocannon that is typically mounted in the United S...

GE GAU-12/U Equalizer

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The General Electric GAU-12/U Equalizer is a five-barrel 25 mm Gatling gun-style rotary cannon. The GAU-12/U is used by the Un...

GE GAU-17/A / GAUSE-17/A

The GAU-17/A machine gun is a 7.62mm NATO crew served, six barreled, air cooled, electrically powered weapon.

GAU-17/A Description:
It has a pintle mount, usually aboard a helicopter or ship. It is used in anti-materiel and anti-personnel and close-in air support roles. There are two main var...

GE GAU-19/A / GECAL 50

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The GECAL 50, officially designated by the United States military as the GAU-19/A, is an electrically-driven Gatling gun that fires the .50 BMG (12.7x99mm) cartridge. Due to its weig...


The M134 Minigun
is a 7.62×51mm NATO, six-barrel rotary machine gun with a high rate of fire (2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute) which can also fire at a high sustained rate. It features Gatling-style rotating barrels with an external power source, normally an electric motor. The "Mini" in...

M197 / GPU-2A


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Development of the M197 began in 1967 after experience in the Vietnam War revealed the inadequacy of the 7.62mm Minigun for gunship use. The M...

M61A1 / M61A2 / GAU-4 Vulcan

The M61A1 utilized by the F-14 and F/A-18 aircraft is a hydraulically driven, 6 barreled, rotary action, air cooled, electrically fired weapon, with selectable rates of fire of either 4000 or 6000 rounds per minute. The M61A2 20mm light weight gun is utilized in the F/A-18 aircraft only. The gun ...

XM214 / Microgun / GE Six-Pak

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The XM214 was a prototype 5.56 x 45 mm NATO rotatary barreled machine gun designed to be man-portable. It was designed and built by General Electric, but it never reached mass production. Also known as the Microgun, the XM214 was a scal...


The XM301 Cannon
is an externally powered, three-barrel 20 mm Gatling gun made by General Dynamics for the U.S. Army. Developed for use with the RAH-66 Comanche stealth helicopter, it is the world`s lightest 20 mm Gatling cannon. The XM301 was designed to be a versatile and accurate ligh...


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