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Grenade launchers - USA

China Lake EX-41

The search for more firepower during the VietNam period led to the development of the M-79 grenade launcher. However there were some limitations to the design, the main point being ammunition capacity. One only had 1 shot and then had to reload, in the thick of combat it was felt a better alterna...


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The M203 grenade launcher has been developed between 1967 and 1968 by the AAI Cor...


The story of a "Thumper" or "Blooper" (both were unofficial nick-names for M79) began in 1951, when the US Army recognized the need to fill the gap between the maximum range of a had-thrown grenades (about 50 meters) and the minimum range of 60mm mortars (about 400 meters). By the 1952, the army ...


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The MM-1 revolver grenade launcher is manufactured in USA by the Hawk Eng...

Saco Mk-19 Mod 3

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The development of the Mk-19 AGL (also refered to as a Grenade Machinegun), began in 1963. The first version was a hand-c...

XM307 ACSW / XM307/XUV

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The origins of the XM307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon (ACSW), also known as XM307 25mm Airbursting Weapon System, lie in the several military documents, publi...


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