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Machine Guns - France


The AA-52
(full designation in French: Arme Automatique Transformable Modèle 1952, "Transformable automatic weapon model 1952"), also known as "La Nana", is one of the first French-produced guns of the post–World War II era. It was manufactured by the French government-owned Manufacture d...

AAT Mod.52 / Mod. F-1

AAT-52 = Arme Automatique Transformable modele 52.
This universal machinegun had been designed by MAS company in the early 1950s and had been adopted by French military, initially in the 7.5mm French, and later coverted to fire 7.62mm NATO ammunition.

The AAT-52 had delayed blowback action w...

FM 24/29

The Fusil-mitrailleur Modèle 1924 M29
was the standard light machine gun of the French Army from 1925 until the 1960s and was in use until 2000-2006 with the National Gendarmerie. It fires the French 7.5×54mm round which is equivalent in ballistics and striking power to the later 7.62×51m...


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