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NGRG - How to Pro your Gun

Closeup of End Result

Other Pictures:
Another Closeup (other side)

Items Needed for the job.

A review about: How to Pro your Gun - Highlight your Stamps, Markings and serial number.

List of needed components:

- Any Gun with Stampings.

- Isopropanol: "Pure alcohol" for degreasing the Gun.

- Nail polish Remover "Warning" it must be Acetone FREE! acetone will eat the Finish of your gun!.

- Nail Polish: "Any color" For example if gun is "gun blue" use Bone white, if gun is "stainless" use Black. if you want to be fancy use "Shock Pink" or neon. i`am however more traditional and thous keep it simple.

- Cotton swabs: to apply the alcohol to you markings and stamps.

- Toilette tissue: use one that is flat and dont have shapes to soakup excessively, as this will only pickup to much of the paint in shallow markings, and stamps.

In case of very shallow Stamping:

- some sort of rectangular plastic item: This item must be made to shape depending on your gun, if Markings are too shallow. So you can keep the tissue absolute flat agains surface.

The subject gun "used" here is a Arminius HW1S, converted from .22 to 9mm "knall".

It has many varying Stampings, ranging from very deep and on par with "modern" Stampings.
To very shallow and hard to work with Stampings.
This made the gun a very challenging gun to work with, to get a perfect result.
this is also the case with many other types of older guns - thous hopefully a better subject than a typical new and painless candidate for such an instructional video.

The Gun in Question. Being a 9mm "knall" converted from .22, has received very little or no maintanance for ages, since it has been used by highly unqualificated Hands in the role as a "knall" Revolver.
This is why the finish of the gun is of such poor quality. One of the main reasons for this is the highly corrosive attributes of the 9mm "knall" gunpowder. Secondly because it has probably been fired, put in a bag and forgotten until next time it has been needed, and repeated over and over be it Rain, Snow or Shine.

The Frame However, is of very fine quality. even tho it has Received such a beating work flawlessly. the barrel in comparison, being a converted barrel has not taken the beating that well, and corroded somewhat due to said gunpowder.
It is Now keept for display purpose (wallhanger) as it is a very nice Revovler indeed (craftsmanship wise). And does not require nasty gun locks to hang on the wall for display.


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