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Nazarian 870 Combat

A Prototype Nazarian 870 Combat

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Nazarian 870 Combat Features U.S. Slug barrel, Folding Stock, Mag Light and Red Dot Sight

Flash Presentation
(FILM) A member of NZR Para (PMC) Firing a Nazarian 870 Combat (.swf)

The Nazarian 870 Combat design is an Remington 870 Express Based Weapon Specialy modificated to suit the modern need for a close combat urban tactical shotgun, hand-built and hand-assembled and pre-fired 500 rounds to assure accuracy and absolute reliability.

The Nazarian 870 Combat is designed for situations where maximum knockdown power is necessary. The 870 Combat is ideal for duty in the confined space of an automobile, airplane, or ship. A perfect application of this weapon is an entry weapon for police use.


Nazarian Våpen modifisering, Fabrikkvegen 1‚ 5265 Ytre Arna, NORWAY, Tel: +47 21699190, Cel: +47 93652850


12 Gauge

Magazine Capacity:
3 rounds in underbarrel tube magazine


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