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Automatic Rifles - USA


The AAI Serial Bullet Rifle was a US made assault rifle, developed by the AAI Corporation as a possible entrant into the 1970s Future Rifle Program to replace the long serving M16 rifle. The AAI SBR was designed as an alternative to developing the AAI XM70, which was proving costly to manu...

Ares Shrike 5.56 (System)

The Shrike 5.56 is not a fully-functional weapon. It is an upper receiver that, when combined with a M16/M4 lower receiver, becomes a belt-fed or magazine-fed squad automatic weapon similar to the FN M249. Like the M249, the Shrike 5.56 features a quick-change barrel designed to prevent overheati...

Armalite / Colt AR-15 / M16 / A1 / A2 / A3

The M16 is still a general-issue rifle with the US Armed forces. It is also widely used by the US Law Enforcement agencies, either in military form (for example, the LAPD had some M16s, retired from Army), or in "civilian" semi-automatic only form. The AR-15 style rifles are made in the USA by at...

Armalite AR-18

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The Barrett Firearms Company was founded by Ronnie Barrett for the single purpose of building semi-automatic rifles chambered for the hugely powerful .50 BMG ammunition, originally developed for and used in Browning M2 machine guns. Barrett began his work in early 1980s and the first w...

Barrett M468

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The Barrett M468 was a variant of the M4 Carbine, rechambered for a heavier and larger ...

Barrett M468A1

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The Barrett M468A1 was a variant of the M4 Carbine, rechambered for a heavier an...

Bushmaster A2 / A3 (XM15)

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The Bushmaster A2/A3 Type Rifle has become the standard for many military forces and Law Enfor...

Bushmaster M17S


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The only non-banned, American-made Bullpup on the market, Bushmaster`s M17S Bullpup is a lightweight, short stroke piston, gas operated, self ...

Bushmaster M4A2 / M4A3

The Bushmaster M4A3/M4A2 Type Carbines combine light weight with plenty of .223 caliber firepower. The chrome lined barrel offers maximum longevity and accuracy. A telescoping buttstock brings light weight, ease of carrying and quick handling. Forged, lightweight 7075T6 aircraft quality aluminum ...

Calico M-900

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This is basically the same weapon as the Calico submachine gun, differing principally in hav...

Colt Commando / CAR-15 / XM-177

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The first carbine version of the M16 assault rifle appeared under the name of CAR-15 in 1965, an was intended for US Special Forces who fought i...

Colt Match Target Competition HBAR MT6700 / MT6700C

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While the Colt name is virtually synonymous with handguns, Sam Colt’s initial revolvers off the assembly line wer...

ITM Model 3

The ITM Model 3 is a combined battle rifle and submachine gun developed by ITM Tool & Die of Ohio for urban warfare. The top section is an AK derivative rifle with the lower section a 9mm submachine gun.

The Model-3 chambers 7.62x39mm in the 16" top barrel and 9mm Parabellum in the 7.8"...

Johnson M1941

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Melvin C. Johnson, an American arms designer, developed hi...

Kel-Tec RFB

The Kel-Tec RFB
(Rifle, Forward-ejection, Bullpup) is a gas-operated bullpup type semi-automatic rifle, manufactured by Kel-Tec Industries of Florida. At the 2008 SHOT Show held from February 2 to 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada it was declared by Kel-Tec representatives that the RFB rifle would b...

Knight`s Armament SR-25


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Eugene Stoner, designer of the AR10 and AR15 (known to the World as an M16), working with US company Knight's Armament, designed an SR-25 - a...

La France M16K / M16K-45


The M16K is a US Army standard issue M16 rifle modified by the company La France Specialties, which among with other firearm related activitie...


The experience gained by US troops during the Second World war showed that the M1 Garand rifle had a lot of things to be improved. The first was the feeding system with 8-rounds en-bloc clips that does not allowed the refilling of the partially full magazine. Others were excessive length and weig...



Function: Special Operations semi-automatic sniper rifle

Background: Originally developed by the 10th Special Forces Group at Ft. De...

Ruger 10/22

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The second of Ruger’s semiautomatic firearms designs to reach the market was the first Ruger rifle, the .44 Carb...

Ruger Mini-14

The Mini-14
is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle manufactured by Sturm, Ruger & Co. used by law enforcement personnel and civilians. A .223 caliber (5.56 mm) firearm, it is made in a number of variants including the Ranch Rifle with an integral scope base on the receiver and the Mini Thi...

Ruger Mini-30

The Mini-30
is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle manufactured by Sturm, Ruger & Co. used by law enforcement personnel and civilians.

History and design
The Mini-30 was first introduced in 1987 by Sturm, Ruger & Co. The Mini Thirty is chambered for the Russian 7.62×39mm cartrid...

US M1 / M2 / M3 Carabine

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The M1 carbine is an interesting little weapon. The original request for a compact and lightweight shoulder arm to replace service...

US M1 Rifle (Garand)

The M1 Garand
is a .30 caliber semi-automatic rifle that was the standard U.S. service rifle during World War II and the Korean War and also saw limited service during the Vietnam War. Most M1 rifles were issued to U.S. forces, though many hundreds of thousands were also provided as fore...


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