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Automatic Rifles - P.R. China


The M99 rifle is offered as anti-materiel / anti-sniper weapon, and is available in two calibers - 12,7x108 (M99-I) and 12,7x99 / .50BMG (M99-II). No firm facts are available on accuracy of this weapon, but it is believed that it shoots about 2 MOA with Chinese standard issue ammunition. This is ...


The QBB95 squad automatic weapon is generally similar to the QBZ95 in design but uses a heavier and longer barrel to produce higher volumes of fire. It fires the DBP87 5.8X42mm ‘heavy rounds’ cartridge specially designed for uses by machineguns and sniper rifles, but can also fire the standard DB...

QBU-88 (Type 88)

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The QBU-88 rifle (also sometimes referred to as Type 88 rifle) was the first weapon of the newest generation of Chinese small arms, chambered ...


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In the late 1980s Chinese designers developed a 5.8 x 42 cartridge, apparently designated DBP87, which is claim...


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The QBZ95 (also known as Type 95) 5.8mm assault rifle developed by NORINCO is the standard ...

QBZ-97 / 97A


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QBZ-97 (5.56 mm Assault Rifle)
The Chinese have constructed an export version of the QBZ-95. the QBZ-97, which is ...

Type 56 / 56-1 / 56-2

The Type 56 assault rifle was adopted by PLA in 1956, along with Type 56 carbine (which was a licence built Soviet SKS copy). The Type 56 assault rifle was, in turn, also a licensed copy of the Soviet AK-47 assault rifle, with minor modifications.

The Type 56 is a Chinese copy of the world-fam...

Type 63


The Type 63
(Chinese: 63式7.62mm自动步枪), often incorrectly referred to as Type 68 b...

Type 68

The Type 68 rifle, as its name implies, was adopted by PLA in 1968. It is interesting development because it represents a mix of features taken from other designs, mostly from AK-47 Kalashnikov (known in China as Type 56 assault rifle) and from SKS Simonov karbine (known in China as Type 56 carbi...

Type 79 / Type 85

The 7.62 mm Type 79 sniper rifle is a Chinese copy of the Soviet Dragunov SVD. It is a long-barrel, semi-automatic, magazine-fed 7.62 mm rifle that is optimised for accuracy over long distance. The rifle is equipped with an 4 x power sniper scope. With scope, the rifle weighs approximately 4.4 kg...

Type 81 / 81-1

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The Type 81 is the second-generation assault rifle in service with the...

Type 86S

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Produced by North China Industries ( NORINCO) and imported by China Sports ( Their Import/Marketing arm in the USA ), the Type 86S ...

Type 87

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The PLA`s studies on the small calibre infantry weapon can track back to as early as 1971, when both ...


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