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Early Rifles - Switzerland

Eidgenössischer Stutzer 1851

The Eidgenössischer Stutzer 1851
(English: Federal Carbine 1851), also called Feldstutzer 1851, was the first service rifle used by the Swiss armed forces to be procured by the federal government, which was responsible for the armament of the Cantonal armed forces under the 1848 federal c...

Infanteriegewehr 1863

The Infanteriegewehr 1863
(English: Infantry rifle 1863) was the first Swiss army service rifle to feature a rifled barrel. Like other Swiss infantry weapons of the period, it was retrofitted with a Milbank-Amsler breechloading system from 1867 on.

Infanteriegewehr Modell 1842

The Infanteriegewehr Modell 1842
(English: Infantry rifle, type 1842) was one of the first standardised service rifles used by the Swiss armed forces. It was introduced in 1842 as a result of a decision by the authorities of the Old Swiss Confederacy to standardise the weapons of the then...

Jägergewehr 1856/59

The Jägergewehr 1856/59
(English: Jäger rifle 1856/59), originally designed in 1853, was intended to be a service rifle for use by the Swiss armed forces. It was one of the first pure infantry weapons to feature a rifled barrel. However, by the time all 14,000 procured weapons were delive...


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