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Early Rifles - USA

Hawken rifle

The Hawken rifle
is a muzzle-loading rifle built by the Hawken brothers that was used on the prairies and in the Rocky Mountains of the United States during the early frontier days. It has become synonymous with the "plains rifle", the buffalo gun, and the fur trapper`s gun. Developed in ...

Joslyn rifle

The term Joslyn Rifle
refers to a series of rifles produced in the mid-19th century. The term is often used to refer specifically to the Joslyn Model 1861/1862, which was the first mass-produced breech-loading rifle produced at the Springfield Armory.

Benjamin Franklin ...

M1819 Hall rifle

The M1819 Hall rifle was a single-shot breech loading rifle designed by John Hancock Hall, patented on May 21, 1811, and adopted by the U.S. Army in 1819. It was preceded by the Harpers Ferry Model 1803. It used a pivoting chamber breech design and was made with either flint-lock or percus...

M1841 Mississippi rifle

The M1841 Mississippi rifle is a muzzle loading percussion rifle used in the Mexican–American War and the American Civil War.

When Eli Whitney Blake took over management of the Harpers Ferry Armory in 1842, he set about tooling up under his new contract from the U.S. gov...

Sharps rifle

Sharps rifles were a series of large bore single shot rifles that began with a design by Christian Sharps in 1848. Sharps rifles have been historically renowned for long range and high accuracy. By 1874 the rifle was available in a variety of calibers and had been adopted by the armies of...

Springfield Model 1855

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The Model 1855 Springfield was a rifled musket used in the mid 19th century. It was produced b...

Springfield Model 1861

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The Springfield Model 1861 was a rifled musket shoulder arm used by the United States Army and Marines dur...

Springfield Model 1863

The Springfield Model 1863 rifled musket is essentially a Springfield Model 1861 with several minor adjustments. These adjustments include redesigned barrel bands, a new ramrod, a case-hardened lock, a new hammer, and a redesigned bolster (percussion chamber). Several of these modifications were ...


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