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CZ-TT, left side view

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The CZ-TT pistol is made in Czech republic by CZ Strojirna s.r.o. company, located in the city of Strakonice. This recently introduced pistol follows the pattern of the another famous Czech pistol, the CZ-75, but with the polymer frame instead of the original steel frame of CZ-75, and with modified locking system. CZ-TT also has a shorter barrel combined with full-size grip, which accommodates high capacity magazines. The CZ-TT is comfortable to carry and hold, with well-placed controls, and dimensionally suitable for both duty carry and concealed self-defense carry. Current pistols have relatively large slide serrations, suitable mostly for gloved hands, but I was told that the new production pistols will have more comfortable slide serrations.

The CZ-TT is a short recoil operated, locked breech pistol. The barrel is operated using a Browning cam system, and is locked to slide by single lug via large ejection port. Frame is made from high impact-resistant polymer. Double Action trigger system with exposed hammer has internal firing pin safety, as well as manual safety, mounted on the left side of the frame. Manual safety can lock the hammer either in cocked or uncocked position. A CZ-TTL version is similar to basic CZ-TT but features an integral accessory rail on the frame, under the barrel. Standard sight are fixed, with front sight being integral to the slide, and rear sight being dovetailed into the slide.

Double Action

9x19mm Luger/Parabellum; .40S&W; .45ACP

(Unloaded) 798 g

194 mm

96 mm

Magazine Capacity:
15 rounds (9mm); 12 rounds (.40) or 10 rounds (.45)


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