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Other Pictures:
CZ-97B parts diagram

(MANUAL) CZ-97 Manual (.pdf)

The CZ-97B is a further development of the famous CZ-75 pistol. CZ-97B had been developed by Czeska Zbroevka - Uhersky Brod (CZ-UB) arms factory late in the 1990s especially for American market, where .45ACP is very popular. CZ-97B is mechanically identical to the CZ-75B, but has enlarged and slightly reshaped frame to accomodate thicker magazine and bigger cartridge.

CZ-97B is a recoil operated, locked breech pistol, with Browning-style, linkless locking and internal slide rails. It is double action, hammer fired pistol with frame mounted manual safety, automatic firing pin safety and hammer half-cock safety. It also featured loaded chamber indicator. Both frame and slide are made from steel.

CZ-97B is a high quality, accurate and reliable pistol, suitable for self-defence, police duty or practical sport shooting.

Double Action


(Unloaded) 1150 g

212 mm

123 mm

Magazine Capacity:
10 rounds


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