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Para Ordnance P14-45

Basic .45ACP Version

Other Pictures:
Compact and semicompact .45ACP versions

Detailed animation of the functional parts of the P14-45.

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Para-Ordnance manufactures one of the most famous M1911 high-capacity clones.
Like all 1911-alikes, P14-45 (and its variants) is a blowback-operated, locked breech design with Browning linked slide/barrel interlocking system.
Distinguished for high reliability and match class accuracy, Para Ordnance pistols are widely used in IPSC competitions.
The Double-action modification, P14-45LDA, was awarded a "Handgun of the Year" prize by "Guns and Ammo" magazine. Technically, standart Para-Ordnance pistols are similar to M1911A1, but have wider grip to accept double-stack magazines. Also, they feature firing pin safety, along with standart 1911-style grip safety and manual safety. All P pistols available with aluminium alloy (only .45ACP versions), carbon steel or stainless stell frames.

Single Action (Double action available as LDA model)

45ACP, also available in .40SW

ca. 1100 g

216 mm

127 mm

Magazine Capacity:
45ACP: 14 rounds (P14-45), 12 rounds (P12-45), 10 rounds (P10-45); 40SW: 16 rounds (P16-40), 10 rounds (P10-40)


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