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SIG-Sauer P229

SIG-Sauer P229

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Externally, P229 is very similar to P228. In fact, P229 is built on P228 frame, with all trigger and other internals of P228, too. The main difference is in calibers and slide design.
P229was designed as a first SIG-Sauer gun to handle then-new .40SW cartridges and as a platform for SIG proprietary .357SIG cartridge (developed as a necked-down .40SW cartridge). Higher pressures of the .40SW and .357SIG loads commanded new slide design - the slide of the P229 is machined from one piece of high-quality steel, not stamped. The main visual difference between P228 and P229 slides is in groove sizes and top slide appearance P229 groves are half-height of P228 ones. Barrels in .40SW and .357SIG versions are intechangeable, so one handgun may be converted to fire both calibers. Also, .40 or .357 version may be converted to fire 9x19 luger, but not vice versa.

P229 is manufactured in USA by Sig-Sauer subsidiary - SIGArms company. Early P229s were assembled in USA with USA-made slides and Germany-made P228 frames.

P229 are extremely reliable, deadly accurate and, by many opinions, more comfortable than Glocks. And is a popular Law Enforcement handgun used by many Police depts across USA, as well as by FBI, Secret Service, DEA.

Double Action or Double Action Only

9mm Luger, .357 SIG, .40 SW

(Unloaded) 770 g

180 mm

99 mm

Magazine Capacity:
12 Rounds


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