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IWI US Tavor SAR B16L (flattop/Left-Hand)

IWI US Tavor SAR B16L (flattop/Left-Hand)

TAVOR® SAR Manual (pdf)

Tavor® SAR Flattop Left-Hand B16L
The TAVOR ® SAR is available in a “stock” left-hand model with all controls situated for left-hand operation, including the cocking handle, safety lever, QD swivel receptacles, relocation of the forward 45° Picatinny rail to the left side and left side ejection.

The Tavor SAR B16L Rifle is lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed to become a natural component of the soldier.
The Tavor is the most modern weapon technologically wise, based on a complete and manipulative platform which highly increases the performance capabilities of the soldier. Among its advantages, its bull pup configuration- the rear center of gravity enables a rapid acquisition of the target and provides the ability to fire the weapon with one hand.
The weapon is ambidextrous and can be easily adapted to right or left handed shooters. The weapon has an ergonomic structure and is made of composite material; therefore, it is very light. The Tavor SAR rifle was developed in close collaboration with Israel Defense Forces (IDF).
The Tavor has been chosen the weapon of service in the IDF infantry troops and Special Forces as well in many countries around the world. The constant use of IWI`s weapons enables the company to design its products accordingly, optimizing its features to face the modern way of combat.
The Tavor is state of the art modern design weapon which includes modular picatinny rails. "Flattop" rails for multiple single line accessories and devices are also available.
The Tavor SAR Rifle is a complete platform that comprises optical devices and other accessories, thus distinguishing itself as the ultimate weapon of the XXI century.

Video shows IWI US Tavor SAR B16 (flattop), NOT B16L

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Semi-automatic Rifle

IWI US, Inc. • P.O. Box 126707 • Harrisburg, PA 17112 • Tel: +1 (717) 695-2081 • Fax: +1 (717) 412-0873

Closed rotating bolt, long gas stroke on piston head

5.56mm NATO

7.9 lbs.

26 ⅛

16 ½

Right hand, 6 grooves, 1:7 inch twist

Magazine Capacity:
30 Rounds

Feed system:
Various STANAG magazines.

Folding front sight (blade) and rear sight (aperture)


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