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Beretta Px4 Storm Compact

Beretta Px4 Storm Compact (Image:

The Px4 Storm Compact
is sized between the Full Size and the Subcompact models. It adopts the rotating barrel design of the full size pistols, but with a shorter and proportioned slide and grip. This model also introduces an ambidextrous slide stop lever. A high magazine capacity is maintained, with 15 rounds in 9 mm and 12 rounds in .40 S&W. The Px4 Storm Compact models accept the full size magazines as well, increasing capacity to 17 or 20 rounds in 9 mm and 14 or 17 rounds in .40 S&W.

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has identified a feeding problem that can occur with some Px4 Compact pistols when fired with some low and mid-pressure ammunition. The issue arises only in the Px4 Compact and does not affect the standard size Px4 pistol, nor the Px4 Subcompact. This feeding problem typically stops occurring after the pistol has been broken-in through repeated firing.

Beretta has developed a polished guide rod and recoil spring that corrects the ammunition situation and is available for any customer experiencing feeding problems.

Not all Beretta Px4 Compact pistols are affected by this condition; most pistols currently incorporate this enhanced feature.

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Compact Pistol

Fabbrica D`Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. Via Pietro Beretta, 18, 25063 Gardone Val Trompia, Brescia, Italy, Tel +39.030.8341.1, Fax +39.030.8341399

Short recoil, locked-breech, rotating barrel lock

9mmx19 / .40 S&W

765gr (27 oz.)

173mm (6.8″)

81mm (3.2″)

Magazine Capacity:
15, 17 or 20 (9mm) / 12, 14 or 17 (.40)

Feed system:
Box magazine


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