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7.92 mm Mauser M03/05

Cartridge Drawing

Other Pictures:
7.92x57mm (also known as 7.9mm or 8mm Mauser) ammo on stripper clip.

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Two things should be remembered about the 8 x 57mm Mauser. For one, todays .323" bullets must not be used in Model 89 rifles with .318" bores. Secondly, the 8mm Mauser will do about anything the .30-06 will do. This, of course, make one wonder why cases weren`t formed simply by running .30-06 brass through a 8mm Mauser full length resizing die and trimmed back to 2.240".

It is thought that few Model 54 Winchesters were built in 8mm Mauser but other than that, American firearms manufacturers have ignored it. Bullets for handloading the 8mm Mauser are available from Sierra, Speer, and Hornady and a 150 grain spitzer at 2800 to 2900 fps is the right recipe for deer size game. A number of powders work here, including H4350, H414, H380, H335, and IMR-4064.

7.92x57 mm

12,8 g

Muzzle Velocity:
820-850 m/s

Muzzle Energy:


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