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6.5 x 55mm Swedish Mauser

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Thousands of Swedish Mausers imported into the U.S. after World War II introduced American hunters to what many consider to be the finest medium capacity 6.5mm cartridge developed during the tail end of the 19th century. And of all the war surplus rifles that invaded American soil during the fifties and sixties, the little Sweede carbine was the one we all wanted. It has class. Workmanship and accuracy were second to none.

Even today the 6.5 x 55mm is an extremely popular cartridge among American hunters. And many Scandinavian hunters consider the little 6.5 to be potent medicine for all big game up to the size of moose. Norma offers several factory loads; one a 139 grain spitzer at 2800 fps, another a 156 grain round nose at 2500 fps.

Despite its popularity, U.S. ammunition makers continue to ignore the 6.5 Sweede. Same goes for U.S. rifle makers. With one exception. U.S. Repeating Arms stuck a toe in the water during 1986 by offering a limited number of Model 70's in this caliber. Whether or not that's the end of it remains to be seen, but it is rumored that the rifles sold exceptionally fast.

For all around hunting of deer size game with the little 6.5, the Nosler 125 grain and Hornady 129 grain bullets are excellent choices. For Whitetails and Pronghorn in open country, the 120 grain Speer and 120 grain Nosler shoot flat and hit hard. For woods hunting, trying the Hornady 160 grain round nose. When it comes to powders there is no best choice. Feed the 6.5 x 55mm anything that burns at a slow to medium rate and it will sing a pretty song.

6.5 x 55mm Swedish Mauser


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