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.17 Mach IV

Cartridge Drawing

prednisolon bivirkninger

Historical Notes:
Introduced by the O`Brian rifle company of Las Vegas, Nevada, this cartridge was intended to offer simple case conversion and good ballistics. It succeeded on both counts but could not compete against factory chambering, i.e. the 17 Remington.

General Comments:
This short cartridge can be used in short rifle action rifles. Efficiency is much better than the various full powder 17`s available. This diminutive chambering can produce over 3850 fps with 25 grain bullets and is fully capable of delivering good varmint accuracy to about 250 yards, perhaps a bit further on a calm day. Muzzle blast is in a different league from larger 17`s and the various high performance 22`s. While by no means "quiet", the 17 Mach IV generates so much less report that this difference is significant. Use of the faster burning powders listed, while necessitating a slight velocity sacrifice, results in much quieter loads. Since it uses significantly less powder than the 17 Remington, the 17 Mach IV generally produces much less barrel fouling, an important consideration in this diminutive bore size.

.17 Mach IV


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