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6mm PPC

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Historical Notes:
The 6mm PPC is an outgrowth of the .22 PPC and based on the same case configuration with the neck expanded to take 6mm (.243") bullets. This cartridge was also developed by Dr. Louis Palmisano and Ferris Pindell and based on the 220 Russian case, which is a variation of the 7.62 x 39mm (M43) Soviet military cartridge. The original rifles were made by Wichita Engineering and Supply Co. in 1975. Many custom rifles have been made up in this caliber in both sporter and benchrest types. Although originally a benchrest wildcat, Sako of Finland began turning out commercial bolt action rifles and supplying loaded ammunition late in 1987. In 1993 Ruger announced that their M77 Varmint and No 1Varmint rifles would be offered in this caliber and at the same time Norma announced factory loaded ammunition. The 6mm PPC is one of the top competitive benchrest cartridges. In addition to loaded ammunition and factory cases, many handloaders make their own cases by fireforming 220 Russian cases or necking down and reforming 7.62 x 39mm brass.

General Comments:
Cronograph tests by various individuals have demonstrated that the 6mm PPC gives very uniform velocity readings, which accounts for its fine accuracy. On the other hand, practically all rifles chambered for the cartridge are heavy accuracy jobs, and that must also be a factor. Rifles for match shooting usually have a 1 in 14 inch twist, although a few are turned out with a 1 in 12 twist. The 6mm PPC is not only an outstanding benchrest cartridge, but gives very good results on small game and varmints. It is only slightly less powerful than the .243 Winchester despite the much smaller case. It should also do well on deer and antelope at moderate ranges. The velocity with the 90 grain bullet is only some 100 to 150 fps less than the .243 Winchester. Popularity of this caliber is growing beyond benchrest shooting; varmint hunters are now taking it up as well.

6mm PPC


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