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GLOCK 21 / 21C / 21SF

Glock 21 with magazine, .45 ACP ammunition, and AA battery for size comparison

The Glock 21 is a pistol manufactured by Glock. It is a large frame Glock based on the Glock 20 and fires the .45 ACP ammunition. It uses a modified Glock 20 frame, .45 ACP barrel, modified slide and magazine but these differences are quite minor and it does look identical to a Glock 20. It is a very popular sports and law enforcement pistol in the United States, because of its reputation for rugged dependability, 13-round magazine capacity, and it being chambered in the popular and effective .45 ACP cartridge.

The Glock 21 has been updated twice since its introduction. rolex replica watches Glock has signified each of the changes as a new generation. The current model is called the Glock 21 Generation 3. The typical term for this is G21 Gen3. The first revision added checkering on the front strap. The second revision added finger grooves on top of the checkering and a tactical rail on the dust cover for attachment of lasers, flashlights and other accessories.

Glock offers a variation on most of its weapons called a compensated version. This is indicated by a letter C following the model name. On the Glock 21C the barrel and slide are ported to reduce muzzle climb while shooting the pistol.

The "Tactical" model has an extended and threaded barrel allowing for the attachment of a suppressor.

Glock 21SF (Short Frame)
Another revision hit the market in Spring 2007, in an attempt to make fullsize .45 Glock more appealing to shooters with smaller hands. Glock has released the model 21SF, which stands for "Short Frame". The pistol was originally designed to compete in the now canceled US Military Trials that were searching for a .45 ACP pistol to replace the Beretta M9. The first 21SF`s designed for the military included revisions such as ambidextrous magazine release and a M1913 Picatinny rail system (which replaces the standard universal rail system on other Glock pistols), along with the frame reduction designed to make the grip more universal. The grip reduction removed material mainly from the backstrap of the grip. Initial information is that only a limited number of 21SF`s in full military spec will enter the public market, and that the company is going to mass produce a grip reduced model with the 1913 style frame rails. The 21SF is currently available with the 1913 rail and the Glock rail. Eventually it will be available with the Glock rail and the original style magazine release (for those that prefer it over the ambidextrous release).

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Semi-automatic pistol

GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. P.O. Box 9, A-2232 Deutsch-Wagram, Austria, Tel.: +43(0)2247-90300-0, Fax.: +43(0)2247-90300-312

Short recoil

.45 ACP

745 g / 26.28 oz

193 mm / 7.59 in

117 mm / 4.60 in

Magazine Capacity:
13 Rounds

Feed system:

Fixed front and rear


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